Bucket of Dolts #2

With the appearance of Katje— the Liquorice lineage’s spunky little alchemist—life has gotten pretty hectic for Lacie and friends. Luckily for them, Katje has already used up two of her nine lives, succumbing to Lacie’s deceptive yarn ball and Shelbie’s loving choke hold.

Only seven more battles to go!

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Shtick or Sweet

Peppermint’s ongoing research into a certain star’s culture has resulted in the discovery of “Halloween”.

After dressing her friends up in strange costumes, the gang (along with the sweet-toothed Lime and Katje) visit neighbouring villages in hope that their residents could be threatened into handing over some sugary treats.

Let’s just hope Lacie catches onto the fact these threats are purely idle or next year’s spooky celebrations might be held behind bars.

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Katje’s golden cat-like ears are actually Impicite embedded directly into her brain, allowing her to tap into an abundance of powerful recipes passed down from the alchemists of old.

Sadly, Katje only cares about one thing; her love for four-legged furry friends. Ancient knowledge of a potion that polishes pointy hats, or an elixir that extinguishes beard mites are completely wasted on her.

But a concoction that turns you into a cat? Hell yeah, some of those ancient alchemists were pretty cool.

Katje’s fascination with felines and a limitless library of alchemy recipes helped influence her signature style of “Nyalchemy”, transforming her concoctions into an army of cat-shaped minions, including:

  • Crazy Cat, whose tantalizing gaze confuses her foes, turning them on one another.
  • Cool Cat, whose dazzling charm blinds anyone who dares to look her way.
  • Fat Cat, whose pudgy adorableness stops her foes dead in their tracks.

Unfortunately, almost all of Katje’s tinctures have one glaring weakness, and it comes in the form of Lacie’s canine friend Candy.

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Katje Liquorice (Concept #1)

The third of Lacie’s ever-growing family tasked with her capture after Lime’s failures hit a new record.

As one of the Liquorice lineage’s most skilled alchemists, Katje’s crazy concoctions include an elixir that brings her back to life (up to nine times), a potion that allows her to always land on her feet, and a tonic that transforms her impish features into those of, well, you know where this is going.

Smitten with kittens, Katje’s signature style of “Nyalchemy” transforms even the gooiest of her concoctions into a cluster of cute—and deceptively dangerous—cats in order to capture the underworld’s number one rebel.

It’s a shame nobody informed Katje about Lacie’s friend Candy, a canine Beastkin who is three times her size.

Hey! Looks like that “nine lives” elixir might come in handy after all.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13