Katje’s golden cat-like ears are actually Impicite embedded directly into her brain, allowing her to tap into an abundance of powerful recipes passed down from the alchemists of old.

Sadly, Katje only cares about one thing; her love for four-legged furry friends. Ancient knowledge of a potion that polishes pointy hats, or an elixir that extinguishes beard mites are completely wasted on her.

But a concoction that turns you into a cat? Hell yeah, some of those ancient alchemists were pretty cool.

Katje’s fascination with felines and a limitless library of alchemy recipes helped influence her signature style of “Nyalchemy”, transforming her concoctions into an army of cat-shaped minions, including:

  • Crazy Cat, whose tantalizing gaze confuses her foes, turning them on one another.
  • Cool Cat, whose dazzling charm blinds anyone who dares to look her way.
  • Fat Cat, whose pudgy adorableness stops her foes dead in their tracks.

Unfortunately, almost all of Katje’s tinctures have one glaring weakness, and it comes in the form of Lacie’s canine friend Candy.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC / Clip Studio Pro – Huion Kamvas 13