Dev Blog Update #23

Welcome to Crazy Sunshine! Here’s what’s changed over the last few years.


  • Hosting was moved in order to improve site speed, performance, uptime, and security via SSL.
  • In addition to this, Crazy Sunshine is now running on a 100% responsive mobile and tablet friendly theme.
  • Due to massive real life changes, Crazy Sunshine is no longer a webcomic, but a simple portfolio site that is updated whenever I can find the time. Due to this change, comments have been disabled.


Works are now seperated uploaded into two categories:

  • Original Works
  • Fan Works

Sister sites

  • Streaming and Social Media sites have undergone similar theme changes.
  • The Crazy Sunshine Wikia has been closed.
  • The Crazy Symphonium forum has been closed.
  • The Crazy Sunshine TVTropes page has been abandoned, but a huge thanks to everyone’s awesome additions over the years.
  • The Crazy Sunshine Patreon has been closed.


  • The Links, Extras, and Streaming pages have been removed in order to streamline the site.
  • Multiple outdated blog entries have been removed.
  • Multiple broken pages, links and images have been removed.
  • Multiple new images have been added to previous blog entries.
  • Multiple new art has been added.
  • The About page has been updated.

I really hope you enjoy this version of Crazy Sunshine as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for all your incredible support!