The Artist

Hello! My name is Jkun. I’m a graphic designer who loves drawing robots, girls, and robot girls.

The Website

A personal portfolio divided into three sections.

Art – A gallery of original illustrations, sketches and fan art.

Blog – An archive of personal ramblings and site development news.

The World of Crazy Sunshine – A collection of excerpts detailing the Crazy Sunshine universe and its characters.

The World of Crazy Sunshine

An archive of continuous evolving creativity.

Crazy Sunshine began as a webcomic series in 2005, was renewed in 2011, and ended in 2014 after 185 strips.

In late 2017, Crazy Sunshine’s concept shifted from a webcomic series to a collection of sporadic, non-sequential excerpts, revolving around a quirky group of unlikely acquaintances and their questionably comedic struggle to stop the end of the universe again and again.

Start your adventure here!

Update Schedule: Due to the extremely busy nature of my job, excerpts, artwork, and blog entries are uploaded whenever I can. Stay tuned on Twitter for future updates!

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