Villains In Vogue

Jealous of Lacie’s new look, Drop and Katje put their differences aside and hit up Torrid Topic—the underworld’s most popular fashion boutique.

Unlike her usual attire, Katje’s fuzzy sweater caused her to sweat uncontrollably and might be responsible for a very cute cat-shaped rash on her belly.

Drop on the other hand is more accustomed to the underworld’s colder biomes. Not used to showing off this much snow-white skin, she often finds herself frozen in place out of sheer embarrassment.

Not the ideal situation to be in when going toe-to-toe with Lacie and her (much more fashionable) friends.

2023 – Clip Studio 2.0 / Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13

Drop Liquorice (Concept #3)

Drop’s vulgar vocabulary is enhanced by her bright pink Impicite, a layer of soft crystals that cover her tongue. These crystals allow her to manipulate gravity and—even worse—amplify her voice to levels that would make anyone’s head explode.

Now, before you go about your day imagining the rest of the cast as headless zombies (even though it would cut drawing time in half), take comfort in the fact that Drop has one glaring weakness; she refuses to speak with her mouth full. As long as Lacie and friends can find a way to keep Drop’s gob shut, their heads should stay firmly attached to their bodies.

Until then, Drop will stop at nothing to fulfil Lady Liquorice’s mission of capturing Lacie, even if it means turning the entire world above upside-down.

2023 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13

Drop Liquorice (Concept #1)

Drop is the fourth member of the Liquorice lineage assigned with the seemingly impossible task of hunting down Lacie and hauling her back underground. Equipped with nothing but an unimaginably vile tongue, she can bring even the evilest of the underworld to their knees through a relentless onslaught of earth-shattering insults and psychological put-downs.

Drop’s physique is slightly different compared to other imps, who usually sport pointy, retractable wings. Rumoured to “keep herself in the air by sheer force of anger alone”, her squeaky voice is capable of manipulating gravity, rendering such appendixes useless.

This rodent-like imp’s fascination with breaking the laws of physics has caused her fellow kin so much grief that she spent most of her childhood chained up in Bassett’s Bastion, the underworld’s most secure prison. 

Now that Lady Liquorice has set Drop free, perhaps it’s time to invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling earbuds. She has a lifetime of yelling to catch up on.

2023 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13