Crazy Chronicle III

Happy first birthday, Crazy Sunshine!

It’s been one year since I relaunched the website and woke Lacie and friends up from their seemingly endless hibernation.

Over the course of the year, thanks to some great friends and awesome communities, I discovered a bunch of new techniques and incorporated them into my work. While most of my character’s original designs have made it through 12 months unscathed, there’s still a lot of things I want to tweak.

Just stupid shit like how many teeth Lacie has on her goofy grin and what colour Candy’s forearm fur is supposed to be.

Lacie (2021 → 2022)

Candy (2021 → 2022)

I feel like I’ve improved a little bit, but there’s still so much I want to learn. Like how to draw dummy thicc thighs and abs you could sharpen a pencil with. You know, the usual stuff.

With the introduction of three new characters (Maxi, Simpkin and Katje) and sketches of many more on the back burner, I’ve only touched the surface of all the stories I want to tell and art I want to show revolving around Lacie, her family and her friends.

I just hope you’ll stick around for the next year, too!

Thanks for all your support. Don’t forget to smash that like button and follow me on Twitter.

Nipit’s Needle

Unlike most Imps, who have a single chunk of magical Impicite somewhere on their body, Simpkin’s arms are embedded with tiny shards of the stuff, which he uses to inject his opponents with a temporary yet incredibly strong charm spell.

This spell causes Simpkin’s crush to fall deeply in love with the first imp they lay eyes upon. Unfortunately for them, it’s usually Simpkin himself. Unfortunately for Simpkin, this temporary spell always wears off at the worst possible time, giving him little to no chance of escaping the following beating once his mind-broken mark snaps back to reality (ope, there goes gravity).

As of now, only one of Simpkin’s victims has failed to fall for his illusion: Shelbie. Instead of locking eyes with the pubescent pervert himself, Lacie was the first imp to come into her field of vision after waking up from one of Simpkin’s passionate projectiles. This resulted in a very intimate moment between the two, much to Lacie’s dismay.

Some would argue Shelbie dodged a bullet, while others wish I would stop writing stupid gun puns and get back to drawing instead.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13

Simpkin Liquorice (Concept #1)

Nicknamed “Simp” after his borderline creepy fetish for seraphs, this pubescent imp has the ability to charm anyone with a single loving blast from his magically enhanced Impicite bullets. Once firmly embedded into the skull of his crush, these blue-tinted gemstones force his unfortunate victim to fall head over heels in love with the first imp they lay eyes upon.

Simpkin was the second member of the Liquorice lineage dispatched to bring Lacie’s butt back to the underworld. He was also the first to almost succeed if it weren’t for Shelbie, the last victim to fall for one of Simpkin’s heartfelt headshots.

After literally taking a bullet for another white-haired imp, Shelbie awoke to discover a new-found love for Lacie instead of Simpkin, who was too busy getting his face pummelled into the ground by the rest of Lacie’s creeped out crew.

After giving up on pursuing Lacie and friends, Simpkin spends most of his days cosplaying as a seraph in hopes that he can get an angelic girlfriend the legit way.

So, never.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13