Once again showing interest in a certain star’s egg-obsessed culture, Peppermint repainted her chassis and outfitted Shelbie with her very own bunny suit!

While the chocolate-loving cherub was more than happy to oblige, one wonders how many more long-eared costumes Peppermint plans on designing for the rest of the crew…

2022 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13

Furry Flurry

[ Peppermint’s Log ] 

Recently I’ve been studying Candy’s combat capabilities to better understand how some members of the Liquorice Lineage are immune to her attacks…

❖ Experiment Results

  • Candy vs. Tighty

Let’s see… Tighty! One of Lime’s summons. A golem composed entirely of (seemingly) unbreakable Impicitie and twice Candy’s size… yet for some reason he shattered after a single punch! 😮

  • Candy vs. Katje

Next, Katje. One of Lacie’s annoying cousins. This tiny cat dodged every single punch, kick and earthquake that Candy threw at her. All while grinning! She annoys me so much!! D:<

  • Candy vs. Lacie

Mmm, Candy beats up Lacie almost every day so there’s really no point in researching this… :s

❖ Conclusion

After simulating some more match ups it seems Candy’s close combat skills are super effective against larger targets, but completely miss targets half her size…

…which means I should be safe to keep conducting experiments on her! 😀

[ Data Successfully Archived 01 / GA / 99 ]

2022 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13


Like most cats (or powerful alchemists pretending to be cats) Katje has a polyphasic sleep cycle, which means she dozes off multiple times a day.

Then again, anyone would be tempted to take a nap if they were surrounded by fluffy feline plushies while concocting new potions.

2022 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13

Kindled Surprise

Ah, the unmistakable aroma of melted chocolate and gunpowder, Valentyne’s Day is upon us once more.

As one of the Seraph’s more simpler customs, Valentyne’s Day dates back to the age of Father Valentyne, who would once a year bake the world’s most delicious desserts and hand them out to his children as tokens of affection.

Nowadays, Father Valentyne’s custom of giving sweets to loved ones has spread throughout Gaea, touching the hearts of parents, children and lovers alike.

Oh, clumsy. Looks like you dropped this dynamite-shaped chocolate. Happy Valentyne’s Da-

2022 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13

Nipit’s Needle

Unlike most Imps, who have a single chunk of magical Impicite somewhere on their body, Simpkin’s arms are embedded with tiny shards of the stuff, which he uses to inject his opponents with a temporary yet incredibly strong charm spell.

This spell causes Simpkin’s crush to fall deeply in love with the first imp they lay eyes upon. Unfortunately for them, it’s usually Simpkin himself. Unfortunately for Simpkin, this temporary spell always wears off at the worst possible time, giving him little to no chance of escaping the following beating once his mind-broken mark snaps back to reality (ope, there goes gravity).

As of now, only one of Simpkin’s victims has failed to fall for his illusion: Shelbie. Instead of locking eyes with the pubescent pervert himself, Lacie was the first imp to come into her field of vision after waking up from one of Simpkin’s passionate projectiles. This resulted in a very intimate moment between the two, much to Lacie’s dismay.

Some would argue Shelbie dodged a bullet, while others wish I would stop writing stupid gun puns and get back to drawing instead.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13


[ Peppermint’s Log ] 

Project Trick or Treat was a huge success! We managed to secure a whole bunch of sweets with minimum collateral damage. ^^;

Speaking of sweets, Candy seems to really like these crunchy “Batbite” drops. As expected from Beastkin, it seems any type of candy causes their bodies to change shape.

❖ Experiment Results

  • Candy grew a huge pair of ears after just one bite.

❖ Enhancements

  • Hearing range increased up to 113 kHz

❖ Detriments

  • Barks replaced by high pitched squeals.

❖ Other Details

  • Tends to enjoy sleeping upside down more than usual. :s

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2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13