Pastillin’s Palms

Square-shaped Impicite embedded into the palms of Lacie’s younger brother, Lime. By clapping his palms together, Lime can summon two subordinates, handily named Righty Tighty and Lefty Lucy. While mostly summoned as powerful beasts to do battle with Lacie and her friends, Tighty and Lucy’s crystallized forms are completely dependent on the whims of their master.

Much to their utter embarrassment, Lime often summons them as furniture to rest his battered bum on.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13

Mode: Biped

It’s a house! It’s a backpack! It’s a solar-powered sentient fortress created and trademarked by Peppermint, do not steal! While Allsorts’ default “Allfours Mode” allows Lacie and friends to travel anywhere they like, Peppermint decided the ride just wasn’t bumpy enough. Introducing “Biped Mode”, complete with extendable forearms and a guaranteed method of unintentionally breaking every bone in its crew’s body.

Seeing how long Lacie can survive underneath the weight of its brand new feet is an added bonus, too.

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Gloria (“Macie”)

Nicknamed “Macie” by Shelbie, Gloria is the 4th iteration of standard issue maces awarded to seraph soldiers upon completion of basic training. Glo-, I mean, Macie can be used to both damage enemies and heal allies by showering them with Serapheutic Water.

Unfortunately for Lacie and friends, Shelbie often forgets which setting is which.

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Fistberry Drops

For most people, candies are nothing more than small blobs of sugar to satisfy their craving for something sweet. For beastkin, these sweets are a DNA-altering superfood which gives them bursts of power or speed for a short period of time, changing the shape of their bodies in the process.

Eating two different types of candy at the same time is not recommended.

Candy’s favourite type of confectionery is Fistberry Drops, a boiled sweet made from fruit that only grows in the hottest of deserts.

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Pepper Pocket Printer

Peppermint’s Pepper Pocket Printer allows her to download and deploy a never-ending arsenal of appliances from spoons and spanners to Gatling guns and missile launchers. How this technology works or even weirder, why a tiny robot would ever feel the need to dual wield a pair of chainsaws is probably a mystery best left unsolved.

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The Fingertips of Ferndale

Every imp is born embedded with Impicite crystals somewhere on their body in order to enhance their black magic capabilities. Lacie’s legendary, ruby-coloured fingertips allow her to dispense a never-ending stream of highly flammable laces which can be set ablaze just by snapping her fingers.

She’s also the only imp with a star-shaped shard of Impicite on her chest, which (according to her) is the reason she is lacking in the boob department. Okay, sure.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13