Tiny Tweaks

I’ve redrawn the original concept sheets of Lacie and her friends to better reflect some of the recent colour palette changes and minor design tweaks I experimented with over the last year! As always, these designs are not final and are always in a constant state of flux as my art slowly improves.

Lacie Liquorice

  • Brought back the ol’ classic yellow dress with a hint of rebellious tartan underskirt
  • Less belt clutter
  • Bigger sneakers so she can run away from Candy faster (or so she believes)
  • Same shit-eating grin

❖ Peppermint Prototype

  • Fixed her headband to look more like a headband instead of a band that just happens to be on her head
  • Upgraded her CPU and RAM (you just can’t see it)
  • Maybe gave her too much RAM
  • Does too much RAM make your thighs bigger?
  • Oh no

❖ Candy Canis

  • 300% more flexible jacket (This one doesn’t rip every time she transforms)
  • Floofy hair for days
  • Smaller tail, bigger butt
  • Cute brown ears

Shelbie Sherbet

  • Less wristbands, more wrists
  • A refreshing haircut and shorter twintails which sort of resemble a pair of devilish horns
  • No it’s not foreshadowing
  • Or is it?
  • Who knows

2022 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13


Once again showing interest in a certain star’s egg-obsessed culture, Peppermint repainted her chassis and outfitted Shelbie with her very own bunny suit!

While the chocolate-loving cherub was more than happy to oblige, one wonders how many more long-eared costumes Peppermint plans on designing for the rest of the crew…

2022 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13

Furry Flurry

[ Peppermint’s Log ] 

Recently I’ve been studying Candy’s combat capabilities to better understand how some members of the Liquorice Lineage are immune to her attacks…

❖ Experiment Results

  • Candy vs. Tighty

Let’s see… Tighty! One of Lime’s summons. A golem composed entirely of (seemingly) unbreakable Impicitie and twice Candy’s size… yet for some reason he shattered after a single punch! 😮

  • Candy vs. Katje

Next, Katje. One of Lacie’s annoying cousins. This tiny cat dodged every single punch, kick and earthquake that Candy threw at her. All while grinning! She annoys me so much!! D:<

  • Candy vs. Lacie

Mmm, Candy beats up Lacie almost every day so there’s really no point in researching this… :s

❖ Conclusion

After simulating some more match ups it seems Candy’s close combat skills are super effective against larger targets, but completely miss targets half her size…

…which means I should be safe to keep conducting experiments on her! 😀

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2022 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13