Shelbie Sherbet (Concept #1)

Shelbie’s quiet and uneventful life ended the moment her hometown was taken over by a powerful imp who charmed the entire population into worshipping him.

Luckily, her cries of help reached the pointy ears of another powerful imp, Lacie, who swiftly put an end to the captor’s short-lived reign (with some help, of course).

Despite her inability to discern left from right (or more worryingly good from bad), this once pure pixie is now hell-bent on following her devilish hero to the ends of the earth.

With exceptional healing powers and her trusty mace Gloria (now nicknamed “Macie”), Shelbie is capable of soothing her friend’s wounds, or to Lacie’s dismay, expressing her gratitude a little more…physically.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13