Maxi Bonne (Concept #1)

This battle-hardened seraph’s efforts of protecting the City of Angels have earned her a seat in the Cherub Council, a flock of extraordinary seraphs in charge of keeping their hometown in tip-top shape (unlike her beaten-up mace).

Maxi’s pride took a mighty blow the day a seemingly weak imp from the underworld overwhelmed the entire city. If it weren’t for the courage of Shelbie, her hometown would surely have fallen into ruin.

As one of Shelbie’s close friends, Maxi was sad to hear of her departure after the incident, but vowed to train even harder than before to keep the City of Angels safe in her absence.

Maxi’s parting gift to Shelbie—a cross-shaped keychain—is wrapped tightly around her mace. A small reminder to never let her guard down, and that the council is always watching over her, no matter what kind of trouble Lacie gets her into.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13