Lacie Liquorice & Friends Synopsis

A collection of illustrations and short stories revolving around my cast of original characters and the universe they live in. Posts are ordered by upload date.

Princess of the underworld Lacie Liquorice was bored to death for the last time. Ever a glutton for mischief, the rebellious rascal swiped her family’s fortune and hightailed it to the world above. Together with a rag-tag group of roadies, she indulges in everything the mortal realm has to offer in a never-ending quest for fun, fame and freedom.

During her escapades, Lacie meets Peppermint, an adolescent android who can engineer just about anything. This includes Allsorts, a solar-powered bucket-of-bolts they call home.

The pair come across Candy, a powerful beastkin with a soft spot for stuffed toys and a habit of punching anything that moves, including her own comrades.

Eventually, the group stumble upon Shelbie, a kind-hearted yet dim-witted seraph who instantly fell in love with our equally pea-brained protagonist.

Fascinated by exploring this new, sunlit world and (if it sounds exciting enough) aiding those in need, Lacie and her friends travel from city to city somehow causing more problems than they manage to solve, thanks to the underworld’s volley of villains who are hell-bent on retrieving their lineage’s treasure.