Crazy Chronicle II

Sorry for the wait!

All of my old Lacie Liquorice comics have been reuploaded and split into different series for easy reading on both desktop and mobile.

※  The characters, situations and stories in the posts below do not reflect the current state of Lacie Liquorice & Friends. Please regard and enjoy these works as “what-if” scenarios!

Check out the current iteration of Lacie Liquorice & Friends here!

As with all original content on this site, please do not use and/or duplicate my content without permission. Thanks for reading!

Crazy Chronicle I

Welcome back! Crazy Sunshine has returned to its roots as a simple digital sketchbook that is updated whenever I can find the time. Here’s what else has changed over the last few years:

Content Reorganization

  • Lacie Liquorice & Friends – A collection of illustrations and short stories following the adventures of my original characters.
  • Original Works – Original artwork outside of Lacie’s universe.
  • Fan Works – Artwork of other’s characters and franchises.

Old Works

  • All of my old comics have been reuploaded! Check out this post for more information. As with all original content on this site, please do not use and/or duplicate them without permission.

Website Updates

  • I migrated to a new host in order to improve the site’s speed and performance.
  • The site is now running on a new, 100% responsive mobile and tablet friendly theme.
  • A search function has been added to the navigation menu.
  • Multiple posts, pages, blog entries and broken links have been removed to reduce clutter.
  • Multiple new works have been uploaded (updates will be cross-posted to social media after publishing them here first).
  • All images are now served in lossless WebP format. If you are having trouble viewing the site, try updating your browser.
  • Swipe and pinch support has been added to images in mobile mode. In desktop mode, you can zoom in and out of images by using the mouse wheel.
  • Additionally, keyboard support (left and right arrow keys) can now be used to navigate through images and posts.
  • Comments are now disabled, but I am active social media if you want to get in touch.
  • The About page has been updated.

I hope you enjoy this version of Crazy Sunshine as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for stopping by!