[ Peppermint’s Log ] 

Project Trick or Treat was a huge success! We managed to secure a whole bunch of sweets with minimum collateral damage.

Speaking of sweets, Candy seems to really like these crunchy “Batbite” drops. As expected from Beastkin, it seems any type of candy causes their bodies to change shape.

❖ Experiment Results

  • Candy grew a huge pair of ears after just one bite.

❖ Enhancements

  • Hearing range increased up to 113 kHz

❖ Detriments

  • Barks replaced by high pitched squeals.

❖ Other Details

  • Tends to enjoy sleeping upside down more than usual.

[ Data Successfully Archived 31 / BO / 99 ]

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13