Tiny Tweaks

I’ve redrawn the original concept sheets of Lacie and her friends to better reflect some of the recent colour palette changes and minor design tweaks I experimented with over the last year! As always, these designs are not final and are always in a constant state of flux as my art slowly improves.

Lacie Liquorice

  • Brought back the ol’ classic yellow dress with a hint of rebellious tartan underskirt
  • Less belt clutter
  • Bigger sneakers so she can run away from Candy faster (or so she believes)
  • Same shit-eating grin

❖ Peppermint Prototype

  • Fixed her headband to look more like a headband instead of a band that just happens to be on her head
  • Upgraded her CPU and RAM (you just can’t see it)
  • Maybe gave her too much RAM
  • Does too much RAM make your thighs bigger?
  • Oh no

❖ Candy Canis

  • 300% more flexible jacket (This one doesn’t rip every time she transforms)
  • Floofy hair for days
  • Smaller tail, bigger butt
  • Cute brown ears

Shelbie Sherbet

  • Less wristbands, more wrists
  • A refreshing haircut and shorter twintails which sort of resemble a pair of devilish horns
  • No it’s not foreshadowing
  • Or is it?
  • Who knows

2022 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13