Lime Liquorice (Concept #1)

Despite his well-groomed perm, freshly-pressed suit and charming smile, Lacie’s younger brother Lime is nothing more than a loud-mouthed know-it-all who will stop at nothing to capture his sister, retrieve the family’s riches, and finally get into Mummy’s good books.

Lime’s special Impicite allows him to summon two similarly annoying subordinates, Righty Tighty and Lefty Lucy, who only seem to enhance his ability to fail time and time again. It’s honestly a mystery why Lady Liquorice keeps putting this thick-headed threesome in charge of anything, let alone the capture of the underworld’s number one rebel.

The first of many members of the Liquorice lineage to try and capture Lacie, but the only member who never knows when to give up.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13

Allsorts (Concept #1)

Designed by Peppermint and unfortunately named by the creatively bankrupt Lacie, Allsorts is the gang’s sentient mobile home. It boasts all sorts (get it?) of features, including a spacious living room, fully furnished bedrooms, a not-so-secret laboratory, and two instant annihilation cannons. Luckily, neither of them have been used…yet.

Allsorts can also transform into a biped, and even a backpack, allowing Lacie and friends to venture almost anywhere, while getting out of paying for parking fees in the process.

2021 – Adobe Photoshop CC – Huion Kamvas 13