Dev Blog Update #23

Welcome to Crazy Sunshine! Here’s what’s changed over the last few years.


  • Hosting was moved in order to improve site speed, performance, uptime, and security via SSL.
  • In addition to this, Crazy Sunshine is now running on a 100% responsive mobile and tablet friendly theme.
  • Due to massive real life changes, Crazy Sunshine is no longer a webcomic, but a simple portfolio site that is updated whenever I can find the time. Due to this change, comments have been disabled.


Works are now seperated uploaded into two categories:

  • Original Works
  • Fan Works

Sister sites

  • Streaming and Social Media sites have undergone similar theme changes.
  • The Crazy Sunshine Wikia has been closed.
  • The Crazy Symphonium forum has been closed.
  • The Crazy Sunshine TVTropes page has been abandoned, but a huge thanks to everyone’s awesome additions over the years.
  • The Crazy Sunshine Patreon has been closed.


  • The Links, Extras, and Streaming pages have been removed in order to streamline the site.
  • Multiple outdated blog entries have been removed.
  • Multiple broken pages, links and images have been removed.
  • Multiple new images have been added to previous blog entries.
  • Multiple new art has been added.
  • The About page has been updated.

I really hope you enjoy this version of Crazy Sunshine as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for all your incredible support!

8 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #23”

  1. Oh, I’d been wondering when this would be coming back. Feeds showed up 18 days ago, but it was in an older folder that I check less frequently. Guess I’ll bump it back up.

    And, welcome back Jkun 🙂

  2. I know i might not be the only one to ask but would it be possible to add a link to this site that leads to your old work from 2005 and up before you had to shut down and over haul everything but don’t get me wrong i love the direction your going but i also loved your older work and can’t find it anywhere to read and would like to read it again so please respond if you plan to if some thing else might be the issuse, regardless of that please get back to me as soon as you can

  3. Glad to see everything’s back up and running! Hope to see more good shit like always! Also I’ll let you know next time I actually have time for some FFXIV if you’re still playing that.

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