The Surface

※ Buildings not to scale, humanity sold separately.

Created by Primordials and protected by humankind, a celestial body which houses the Diurnal Drive—a magical encyclopedia that has the power to manipulate all of time and space.


  • Massive Metropolis

Towering glass titans encircle a revolutionary, bustling city where no dreams are left unlived.

  • Somber Stronghold

Decaying castles soaked in virulent rivers, once a prosperous kingdom now a toxic wasteland.

  • Primordial Planisphere

Housing the Diurnal Drive and protected by a magical barrier, a realm once graced by the ancients.

  • Eastern Estuary

A humble port town overlooking the city, with the ocean at its feet and an exotic venture in its grasp.

  • Colonial Coils

Humankind developed and colonised these circular, mechanical rings due to the Surface’s uninhabitable southern hemisphere.