The Seekers

"Must we really take this photograph? The Diurnal Drive is calling..."

Legions of cosmic monsters intent on seizing the Diurnal Drive, a magical encyclopedia buried deep within the Surface’s core that allows its master to control all of time and space.

After somehow obtaining one of the drive’s missing pages, these unusual creatures have travelled throughout the stars in order to track down its origin, stopping at nothing to get their hands, tentacles or incredibly long tongues on it.

While some Seekers desire to set whole galaxies ablaze to appease their incendiary desires, others long to devour the Diurnal Drive’s overflowing energy to satiate their never-ending appetite. Only one Seeker, however, wishes to rewind all time again and again just so he doesn’t have to go to work.

Whatever their reasons, the Surface would begin to fall apart if the partially completed drive went missing…

Opposing this stellar smörgåsbord are the Keepers, a crazy crew of unlikely acquaintances who must put aside their differences and stand together to protect their world, and in turn, the entire universe!