Peppermint Introduction

From cutting edge robotics to advanced medical discoveries, Doctor Spearmint and Professor Watermint could create and cure almost anything—except a threatening new virus that plagued their nine-year-old daughter.

With time rapidly running out, the Mints abandoned their academic approaches to medicine and turned to an ancient acquaintance for help. By manipulating the rules of nature, the spiritual seer successfully transferred their child’s soul into a vessel of their own creation.

Embedded in a heart of hardened steel and encased in a carbon-fiber chassis, little Peppermint began life anew, as she slowly adjusted to her strange yet familiar body. She would spend every day studying, learning, and doing everything a child genius is known for doing—inventing!

With the appearance of strange and deadly monsters known as the Seekers plaguing Massive Metropolis, Peppermint saw an opportunity to test out her countless contraptions. Calling her friends to arms, she founded the Keepers in order to rise up against the Seekers and protect the Surface from their continuous onslaught.

Y’know, for science!


  • Attack: ⭐
  • Defence: ⭐
  • Speed: ⭐
  • Smarts: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Signature Attack: Overdrive