Daifuku & Mochi Introduction

"Who's up for some tea?"

After a great war between the Shio and Satou clans of Eastern Estuary, the Shio dynasty’s diabolical leader Mochi was sealed away in magical sword, ushering in a generation of peace and tranquility for decades to come.

Until one evening, Daifuku, heir to the Satou dynasty’s throne, culinarian extraordinaire and inheritor of the bewitched blade, mistakenly unsheathed the knife-like saber while cooking. Now free to possess a vessel of his choosing, the lecherous leader leaped down Daifuku’s throat and began to commandeer part of her body.

Despite gaining all the knowledge and strength of one of Eastern Estuary’s most powerful warlords, Daifuku couldn’t stand spending another second with Mochi.

After leaving home in search of a way to separate their souls, the conflicting couple joined the Keepers, a crazy crew of similar misfits lead by a little genius who might be able to help them—if they learn to put aside their differences and assist in saving the entire planet first.

Shouldn’t take too long, right?


  • Attack: 🍓🍓🍓🍓
  • Defence: 🍓🍓
  • Speed: 🍓🍓🍓🍓
  • Synergy: Nope
  • Signature Attack: Final Frypan XIV