Aes’sidhe: The Underworld

"Wish you were(n't) here!"

Rugged ridges shrouded in a cloud of darkness and mischief, home to a murder of devilish imps.


  • Immortal Incline

Mighty mountains moulded from unbreakable dark matter dominate the Underworld’s horizon, sheltering the diabolical Unlit within.

  • Gorgoroth’s Gash

An eruption of crystallized magma scars the Underworld’s landscape, suspended by otherworldly magic as a monument to the fall of Aes’sidhe.

  • Venomous Vineyard

A noxious jungle used by the Unlit Unity to perfect their deadly magical techniques on unfortunate savage beasts.

  • Behemoth Below

A dark abyss as far as the eye can see, accompanied by a bellowing roar as far as the ears can hear.