Aes’sidhe: The Heavensworld

"Wish you were here!"

Elliptical edifices enveloped in a chorus of peace and tranquility, home to a throng of angelic entities.


  • Platinum Promenade

Blessing the land around it with light, heat and hope, this celestial chamber houses the majority of the Lumia race.

  • Inner Iridium

A coastal metropolis located below the Platinum Promenade, bustling with business and overflowing with opportunities.

  • Outer Osmium

A skyline of silver spires occupy the outer plains of Heavensworld, as subterranean elevators allow quick travel to and from the inner realm.

  • Rhodium Reef

An ancient archipelago sanctified by The Order for Lumia who wish to reach heightened enlightenment through meditative and magical discipline.