The Seekers: Nebula

"...Are you my mummy?"

A tiny and almost harmless life form if it weren’t for the waves of toxic gas she farts when under extreme anxiety. Separated from her family, the terrified Nebula stumbled upon the Surface by accident as she was trying to find her way home.

Being no stranger to the devilish Unlit Unity’s foul-smelling flatulence attacks, the Keeper’s guardian angel Shelbie Sherbet donned her military grade hazmat suit and headed for the skies in search of the venomous vapor’s source.

Tucked away in the clouds was the apprehensive and, upon closer inspection, incredibly cute Seeker. Shelbie contemplated taking Nebula home to replace a similarly-shaped pink plushie she lost, before remembering the more time she spent daydreaming about stuffed animals, the more people were dying of poison below.

Subduing the Seeker into slumber with a soothing, angelic aria, the coral-coloured clouds parted to show an ocean of stars. After both Shelbie and Nebula woke up from a mid-air nap, the Seeker soared into space, leaving behind a drool-covered page of the Diurnal Drive lodged between Shelbie’s bosom as a tiny thank you.


  • Attack: ⭐
  • Defence: ⭐
  • Smellyness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐