The Primordials

"Oops, our bad."

Ancient entities possessing phenomenal intelligence and technology, who share a common goal of documenting the entire universe. These supernatural beings are capable of traversing through time and space using the power of their intergalactic encyclopedia, The Diurnal Drive.

Nearing the completion of the drive after aeons of researching every nook and cranny of the universe, disaster struck. The archaic book was badly damaged, and its irreplaceable pages were scattered throughout the cosmos.

The Primordials were stranded on an empty planet, possessing nothing but a fraction of their astronomical encyclopedia. Resolute in their intergalactic endeavour, they began to shape this new world in their image.

Using the power and knowledge from the incomplete Diurnal Drive as its cornerstone, the Surface was born. Over the following millennia, the Primordials, dwindling yet determined to rebuild their masterpiece, fortified the planet, and nurtured a new race of beings to be its guardian—humankind.

Despite their best efforts, many of the Diurnal Drive’s pages were never found. The cosmic chronicles contained within it were never completed, and the Primordials are now all but extinct. Their legacy and technology were inherited by the mortals they raised to protect the Surface, in hope that one day their children would restore the drive, and continue their journey throughout the stars…