The Keepers


Lead by Peppermint, a wondrous whiz-kid wrapped in a robotic body, this crazy crew was assembled to defend the Surface from intergalactic invaders known as the Seekers.

Protecting the pint-sized prodigy is Candy, a shape-shifting demigod who inherited her tribe’s acute senses and superhuman strength.

Lacie, an irritating imp whose infiltration of the Keepers causes Candy more grief than gladness, dabbles in powerful black magic. Unfortunately, her sloppy understanding of the dark arts can (and in most cases will) lead to disasters that make the Seekers look harmless in comparison.

Coming pre-packed with this psychotic pyromancer is an absent-minded angel called Shelbie. Infatuated with Lacie for goddess only knows, her mastery of white magic comes is handy during battle—when she remembers to use it.

Lastly, every group of heroes wouldn’t be complete without someone wielding a frying pan. Daifuku, a culinarian who is as skillful with a skillet as she is at battering up baddies, and Mochi, a three-hundred-year-old pervert who currently resides in her belly.

The Keepers’ stand against the Seekers ensure that the end of the world is on hold…

…for now!