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Living in the city!

I’ve finally taken my first, gigantic step into the heart of Japan!


It’s been an incredibly busy month, with work starting mere days after I moved in, and the apartment, beautiful as it is, is nowhere near furnished!

All set up and ready to draw!

The first thing I noticed after setting up my PC is that for some reason my apartment’s internet is…free?

It’s some sort of weird package deal that comes with the place.

Lightning speeds, though, so no complaints.

This morning I was clocking in at around 110 Mbs over Wifi and 200 Mbs through cable.



Oh, I also somehow succumbed to the poisonous grips of to Final Fantasy XI yet again! Not even a new job is enough to separate me from my beloved MMOs.

I managed to finish my first and only Mythic Weapon, a rare item that took over 300 hours to complete, working on-and-off since it was released.

Obtaining this item is a monument to my love for the game, and gives me a feeling of closure at last.


I’ve also been playing a ton of games with my other artist buddies over Steam.

They’ve been great at keeping the loneliness and homesickness at bay!


That’s all there is to it, really! Once the apartment is looking a bit better I’ll upload some more pictures to Twitter.

Until then, pray that I don’t melt in this unusual summer heat, and wish me luck making it in the big city!


Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “Living in the city!

  1. Good to hear that you’re surviving the move.

    Look at the bright side while crying yourself to sleep: It could always be worse, and a month isn’t that long. When I got engaged, thanks to the wonders of the then-INS (and, unlike you, not living in Japan myself), I had to spend two years apart from my sweetheart. And this was before even audio-only Skype, too.

    1. That sucks! If you two are still together I hope it is working out – especially with the advancements in communication!

      1. Thanks, and yep—15 years and counting. Although we’re still apart for about three months out of every year on account of parental obligations and Japan being a very long way from the U.S.

        Video chat/all-you-can-eat audio chat these days makes those months much easier.

  2. I always thought this comic was fun and enjoyable to read. More or less I have read Crazy Sunshine more than once, and mainly for its comedy. If this comic is getting bad reviews its because the wrong people have read it in my opinion.

    1. Hey, thanks! Though I wouldn’t exactly call what I read a “review” by any means. It’s definitely food for thought though…!

  3. Not to be a dick or anything (oh, such an encouraging start to a comment) but I’ve been reading BadWebcomic wiki (and this comment is just getting better and better by the word) and I feel that if they have one legitimate complaint it is that your story-telling abilities require work. The art is great, it’s just that the story it tells seems short, lacking in any depth, and simple to the point that it seems like it was intended for pre-school children.

    And now here comes the best part of this comment, the request. How lovely.

    I could see a possible answer to this being the return to short gag comics, or expanding the current arc system so that more questions raised within that arc are answered in that arc i.e. Why are the beastmen allowed to live if they were brought to the point of extinction? OR How did Candy not react to get a screw inserted into her head along with a tracking device?

    1. Wow, someone hates Crazy Sunshine that much? Impressive! You could have at least discreetly E-Mailed me to let me know I’ve made it into the big leagues!

      The fact someone wrote all of that stuff – pointing out almost every flaw with the comic – is really surprising, and to be honest, I’m a bit shocked. I never realized the amount of stuff I left unanswered! I wish all of those questions littered throughout the entry were sent directly to me so I could address them. Being slapped in the face this hard really gives me the push I needed to improve my writing and hopefully get better at making comics in general. In a way, thanks a bunch Mazeter, you clever dick!

      Critique of any form is essential, and every comic artist knows that you can’t please everyone. However, flat-out slandering authors without getting facts right is downright childish and just plain bullying. Then again, this is the internet.

      Encouragement is also essential. Composing a big ball of hate and posting it online behind the author’s back is pretty petty, and some of the other entries on BWC would paralyse most artists, making them give up forever.

      Thanks for your comment, I guess!

      1. The reason why I didn’t e-mail is because I’ve had bad experiences with doxxing. Really bad experiences, and this was the only way I knew how to contact you (and just a few minutes/hours before I found the glory of on-line only disposable e-mail addresses).


        But at least it’s good to see that you’re actually facing the critique and understanding where it comes from instead of assuming the person is solely to destroy you.

        And I will be watching, hoping that your life settles down enough to return to Crazy Sunshine and everything I love about it.

        1. Thanks. Tumblr Asks are also a pretty neat way of getting in touch by the way!

          I’m an adult, I can deal with critique. Nobody is out to get anyone, and personally, the author of the CS entry brought up some good points, heck, they seem to know more about the comic than even I do! It’s just a shame that their writing style and personal attacks turned the majority of it into unnecessary, immature drivel.

          It’s weird that you showed me this now, because I was in the middle of redesigning the site and mapping out the future of the webcomic (which at the moment is only a teeny, tiny part of my life!) I can’t wait to see the next instalment of BWC’s Crazy Sunshine entry when I start updating again.

          Stay tuned!

          1. I’d never really looked at Bad Webcomic Wiki, but I can see how if someone was prone to self-doubt it would absolutely maul their self confidence.

            On one hand, I personally avoid a lot of the comics they hate on, and the critiques they give (at least on the few I glanced at that I’m familiar with) seem relatively legit. The people writing the screeds aren’t just ragging on things, they’re ragging on things they’re familiar with.

            And it’s obviously a lot more fun (for a non-creator) to read a colorful, vitriolic screed than a carefully-reasoned, gingerly-worded critique. Writing anime reviews I’ve seen in myself that it’s a *lot* more fun to write (and, I expect, read) a teardown than a mild critique.

            On the other hand, of course, people who create things are actual humans (I always remind myself of that when writing a review), and there are very, very few things in the world that genuinely warrant the unbridled derision most exceptionally bad reviews are composed of. It might not be good, but it’s unlikely it’s *that* bad.

            In any case, congrats on making the big time, even if it’s a bit of ego-bruising infamy, and also on your willingness to accept criticism and try to work with it.

            Always remember: It’s the internet, where brutality is par for the course, and reviewers are trying to write something entertaining just like you are. They might be huge, jerks for doing so at the expense of the undeserving, but if so the people they’re trying to entertain aren’t the same ones you’d want to entertain anyway.

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