Dev Blog Update #22

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Good news first! Thanks to Crazy Sunshine’s new portfolio layout, I managed to land a job! Which is directly related to the bad news: updates.

Simply put, I have no time to put into making webcomics like I used to. When I started drafting Crazy Sunshine, I was a little designer making a name for myself in Japan.

Five years later, I have grown enough roots to get back into what I love the most: making videogames.

I am in the middle of finishing up the little cliffhanger arc that I started last year, releasing it before the year is over, but when we roll over into 2016, I will be focusing on changing the direction of Crazy Sunshine entirely.

Don’t worry, I have no intention of abandoning the universe and its host of crazy characters. Instead, I would rather the site move away from a webcomic format and focus more on character design.

In order to streamline the site (and not confuse new visitors) the current comics will be taken offline in order to revise the cast of characters, redesigning them as I originally intended (the designs were simplified in order to pump out comics faster).

There’s lots of ideas running through my head, but for the time being, I need to tie up all these loose ends. Look forward to the ending!

Thanks for all your support so far, and I hope you enjoy whatever kind of work I manage to pump out from now on, wish me luck!

Living in the city!

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I’ve finally taken my first, gigantic step into the heart of Japan!


It’s been an incredibly busy month, with work starting mere days after I moved in, and the apartment, beautiful as it is, is nowhere near furnished!

All set up and ready to draw!

The first thing I noticed after setting up my PC is that for some reason my apartment’s internet is…free?

It’s some sort of weird package deal that comes with the place.

Lightning speeds, though, so no complaints.

This morning I was clocking in at around 110 Mbs over Wifi and 200 Mbs through cable.



Oh, I also somehow succumbed to the poisonous grips of to Final Fantasy XI yet again! Not even a new job is enough to separate me from my beloved MMOs.

I managed to finish my first and only Mythic Weapon, a rare item that took over 300 hours to complete, working on-and-off since it was released.

Obtaining this item is a monument to my love for the game, and gives me a feeling of closure at last.


I’ve also been playing a ton of games with my other artist buddies over Steam.

They’ve been great at keeping the loneliness and homesickness at bay!


That’s all there is to it, really! Once the apartment is looking a bit better I’ll upload some more pictures to Twitter.

Until then, pray that I don’t melt in this unusual summer heat, and wish me luck making it in the big city!


Thanks for reading!