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Onwards to 2015!

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It’s a brand new year and I am totally psyched to get back into drawing more often!

Naturally, my studies and work will have to come first, but the good news is come summer time, they shouldn’t be a problem any longer!


I will be leaving JET in August and hopefully starting a new job teaching down south!

This means no more dealing with snow for half of the year, and no more eight hour bus rides to Akihabara.

If all goes well and I manage to find a job and a new place to stay, I should have more than enough time to start working on Crazy Sunshine again.


Currently, I am pumping out these last two chapters of ORIGINS.

I can’t wait to show you them!


I should be getting my JLPT test results back at the end of January so stay turned for another update around then!

Thanks for reading!

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