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Dev Blog Update #20

Welcome to yet another incarnation of Crazy Sunshine!

Here’s what has changed!


  • Menubar items were reordered.
  • The following pages have been renamed:
    • Gallery → Artwork
    • Archive → Comics
  • Condensed the content wrapper and menu bar from 1024 pixels to 800 pixels wide.
  • Moved the comic above the content wrapper/sidebar and centred it.
  • Removed all ads.
  • Optimised the background for 1366×768 resolution displays (the most common resolution as of 2014).
  • Optimised Project Wonderful ads on other sites.
  • Fully unlocked the Extras page, no more need for a password or Facebook account to view it!
  • Added shadows under copyright info, making it easier to read against a complex background.
  • Finally enlarged the blog’s paginav “Prev” and “Next” links, also added shadows underneath them.

Thanks for reading!