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Dev Blog Update #19

Continuing on from this blog entry and after a few more weeks of thought, I have decided to put Crazy Sunshine on indefinite hiatus while I grab real life by the balls and kick it around some.

I am not going to write a wall of text justifying why, but it all comes down to the fact that over the next year I have to study my butt off, find a new job, and move to a new house.

I also believe my artwork is plateauing with diminishing returns rather than slowly improving by focusing on nothing but comics, so I would like to take some time off to expand my abilities and work on my artistic foundations a lot more.

Sadly, I cannot do all of this while updating the comic, so I will be cutting it out of my life until I have the time, money and skill to start it up again.

I’m going to write up a small Q&A section below, so please give it a read! Thanks for submitting such great questions!

What is going to happen to the website and the comic?

The Germination chapter of ORIGINS has come to a close, but the Crazy Sunshine website and all of its comics and features will stay intact.

There’s even going to be an extra three weeks of comics from next week onwards, because I believe you guys deserve it for sticking around this long.

Look forward to them!

After those three pages are updated, I will slowly be changing the site’s layout, and making the comics simply a feature, not the giving them the spotlight.

There will be a splash page with links to the gallery, blog and comics, and the site will focus more on my portfolio and blog rather than comics.

The Crazy Sunshine Wiki will be fully updated up to the end of GERMINATION, and other social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr will change to focus more on my artwork, so please keep them favourited!

What is going to happen to you?

I will still be in Japan, mainly studying and spending time with my friends before I look for a new job and apartment.

Without being nagged to draw comics every day, I will be focusing on drawing and writing outside of the box.

Illustrations, fan art, short stories, and more.

You will be able to see most of my new artwork on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, and some of the better illustrations on this site’s gallery, so don’t go anywhere!

What about the Patreon campaign?

The Patreon page was haphazardly created created for fans to support the comic through monthly donations.

According to Google Analytics, if every reader chipped in $1 a month, then I would be able to support myself and keep making comics.

Sadly, not even 1% of readers donated, and none of the milestones were reached, which means I have to look for an actual job, resulting in this hiatus.

For those readers who did donate, I cannot thank you enough.

However, I will be editing the Patreon page to reflect artwork in general.

If you still want to donate after the change, you will get to see more than just the final pieces, and also get to chat and hang out with me over Skype!

More information on this will be updated on the Patreon page in time.

Thanks to everyone who supported Crazy Sunshine so far, and as I said above, there will still be weekly content released until the end of July to compensate for this month’s payment.

Please look forward to it!

When is the comic coming back?

As I mentioned before, I don’t know! Whenever I have the time, money and artistic skills that I am comfortable and confident with.

Heck, maybe it won’t even be a comic when it comes back! Evolving creativity, yo!

You were such an inspiration, dude. How can I keep in touch with you?

I will try to update fairly frequently on the site with new art and blog entries about my daily life.

But if you have them, there’s also TwitterDeviantArt and Tumblr, so please follow me to keep in the loop! Send me some messages from time to time, too!


A huge thank you to everyone who read and supported Crazy Sunshine from the start until this break!

It’s been a very long and exhausting three years.

Wish me luck, and hopefully see you around!

21 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #19

  1. Waited a while for a buffer and I come back to this!

    Now I sad.

    Anyway, hrm…..Patreon…..recently heard of some something like 70 bucks on the donation side, and like 20 bucks on the author side. Just a warning that you might want to watch how much you actually get, in case they go a little nuts on your fees too. (That said, I’m chipping in a buck. (Soon as I find it…) I want this comic back eventually. It’s rather damn funny. I mean, you have Lacie smashing the hell she was kicked out of out of the fourth wall. And another page of them building the comic. So yeah. It’s pretty awesome.)

    1. Thanks so much! I will be editing Patreon in the future, and messing around with the site still. I am so glad you enjoyed the story so far!

  2. Makes me kinda sad that this is what I see when I return from vacation. But I’m in no position to say what you should do. So good luck rebuilding your life. I will always remember you (Unless a brick to the head eradicates my memory) And will keep a link on my desktop. May we meet again (hopefully).

  3. Sad news to hear that Crazy Sunshine will be on hiatus, I loved, I laughed, and commented once every blue moon (wish I was more active here) and thoroughly enjoyed every comic. The site will remain bookmarked for the rest of my days, and you have my blessing in your future endeavors. Til’ next time, Jkun, It’s been an education.

    1. THanks! THe site won’t be going anywhere, and I won’t stop drawing or blogging, so you better come back and comment more in the future!

  4. I’ll continue to watch my rss feeds patiently; I wish you all the best in your job search.

    1. I’m not sure page edits (Gallery) will count as RSS updates, but I will try to digest whatever I draw in blog entries, which should appear on them!

  5. Welp, time to put that pic into rush delivery!

    In any case, most of what I have to say on the matter is going to be said on a Tumblr post so I’ll just say it in a nutshell here: Thank you for the inspiration and the memories. The comic was a joy to read and your art is a joy to see. I aspire to your levels of awesomeness and “crazy sunniness” so keep on rocking.

    Your smile is like the crazy sunshine so go forth to where no crazy one has ever gone before. Godspeed.


    1. Haha wow, what a send off! Thanks! I will keep posting junk on Tumblr, just not comics, and not every week, so stay tuned!

  6. Wow, lot of webcomics I know going on hiatus lately. Is July that rough of a month? =P

    Regardless I completely feel ya, ain’t any better on my end either and indeed some things need more attention then others. I hope everything gets sorted out and look forward to when you return. Stay safe, stay strong and stay cool.

    1. It’s not July, it’s the fact I have been burning myself out doing it every day for 3 years! The busiest times for me is Spring, and I think this year just exhausted me to the point it had to come to this. Job and money > comic!

      I am not going anywhere! The comic is taking a break, I will still be drawing other stuff, just without a schedule!

    1. Haha, I won’t! That’s the upside to taking a break from comics – you’ll get to see more illustrations and fan art of stuff I wanted to draw but never had the time!

  7. I hope it won’t take too long to get you back into the swing of things.
    Would have patreoned you, but there are just too much other financial priorities I have to commit to.

    I wish you the best of luck and anything possible to get a new job and find a nice home for you and your girl. 🙂


    Matthias aka. BeToiba Der Roiba 😉
    German reader

    1. Me neither, we’ll see where this next year of intensive studying and job searching takes me!

      Thanks to you too!

  8. *sniff* I’m gonna miss the comic while it’s gone, and I hope one day it will come back :'( But you better still do some livestreams and hangouts so we can talk random and have fun ok :’P

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