It can’t get much worse, right?

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The JLPT is this weekend, and I’ve been studying for it since summer.

It’s part of the reason I put Crazy Sunshine on hold!

The other half was because I almost died.

No, really!

My poor car’s rusted front axle snapped in half in the middle of a busy intersection!

It took hours for the Japanese Automobile Federation to arrive at the scene and, naturally, the police also came to avert traffic away from the crash site.

Well, I say crash, but I was told by the cops it was the neatest and most compact accident they had ever seen.

Thanks for the compliment!

Since no other drivers or objects were damaged in the process, I wasn’t charged with anything, but the towing and repair bill made my wallet weep.

Therefore, I had to take some time off and work on commissions to raise enough money for the repairs.


In other news, Winter is here!

You know what that means!

Snowstorms, hailstorms, and mountains of white, fluffy bullshit.

I have turned into such a sloth that even getting up and going to work makes me want to just curl up in a ball and hibernate the moment I step outside.

Despite my car being fixed and outfitted with special winter tyres, it’s still making an awfully scary rattling noise near the front wheels.

My gas stove is also on the brink, despite it just being fixed.

Oh, and who could forget the time I had to call into work with the phrase

Sorry, I’m going to be late. My shower is covered in ice.

Despite all of this frozen hell, I put up my Christmas tree over the weekend for my third Christmas in Japan, and last Christmas up in the north.

It wasn’t all tinsel and glitter though, as some sort of bug bite, dust allergy, or maybe even a Yuletide poison swept through the room and I wound up with giant lumps all over my face for the next few days.

It turns out that after five years of living in this run-down shack I have finally caught a rare skin infection that only affects people living in, well, run-down shacks.


So there’s that.


I am on antibiotics and currently spring cleaning the entire house in the middle of winter.

My butt is literally frozen as I type this.

Despite it all, I’m holding my head high for the JLPT on Sunday!

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!


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Final Fantasy XIV celebrated its one year anniversary last week!

I’ve been playing the game since the alpha test and loved every second of it.

Now that I think about it, I’ve been playing Massive Multiplayer Online games for a long time.

Almost eleven years!


My first memory of adventuring online with random strangers was Ragnarok Online.


Damn, life was so simple back then!

Because Ragnarok was my first MMO, I had no idea what I was doing.

Yet somehow, the poisonous grind managed to find me.

I would stay up for hours hunting down a single type of monster hoping they would drop a single type of card in order to make a single piece of my Assassin’s gear a single digit stronger.

It was a borderline addiction.

The next one will be my last!

The next one will drop for sure!

Little did I know, eleven years later I would still have the same mindset, only recently I’ve started to treat MMOs like games again instead of jobs.


I learned this the hard way, as my addition continued all throughout university with Final Fantasy XI.

I clocked over 600 days—almost 2 whole years of play time—over the course of eleven years, which is not something I am proud of.

Still, I managed to successfully graduate university with flying colours and land a job in Japan, so it didn’t eat away at my brain too much.


I left FFXI last year to focus on Crazy Sunshine full time, but sometimes log back in when there is a free trial campaign going on.

I’m just surprised it took me eleven years to realise how much of my time could be spent not chasing item levels and being creatively productive instead.


Now, enter Final Fantasy XIV.

You’re probably thinking,

Heh, this Jkun dude just never learns, does he?

Fortunately, I am a lot smarter than I was eleven years ago.


Wait, no, I’m not.

FFXIV’s charming, nostalgic theme park of an MMO has sunk its teeth deep into my shins and is never letter go any time soon.

I play on the Japanese data center, and for those who are interested, you can follow my adventures on my blog or Twitter!

Dev Blog Update #20

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Welcome to yet another incarnation of Crazy Sunshine!

Here’s what has changed!


  • Menubar items were reordered.
  • The following pages have been renamed:
    • Gallery → Artwork
    • Archive → Comics
  • Condensed the content wrapper and menu bar from 1024 pixels to 800 pixels wide.
  • Moved the comic above the content wrapper/sidebar and centred it.
  • Removed all ads.
  • Optimised the background for 1366×768 resolution displays (the most common resolution as of 2014).
  • Optimised Project Wonderful ads on other sites.
  • Fully unlocked the Extras page, no more need for a password or Facebook account to view it!
  • Added shadows under copyright info, making it easier to read against a complex background.
  • Finally enlarged the blog’s paginav “Prev” and “Next” links, also added shadows underneath them.

Thanks for reading!

Dev Blog Update #19

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Continuing on from this blog entry and after a few more weeks of thought, I have decided to put Crazy Sunshine on indefinite hiatus while I grab real life by the balls and kick it around some.

I am not going to write a wall of text justifying why, but it all comes down to the fact that over the next year I have to study my butt off, find a new job, and move to a new house.

I also believe my artwork is plateauing with diminishing returns rather than slowly improving by focusing on nothing but comics, so I would like to take some time off to expand my abilities and work on my artistic foundations a lot more.

Sadly, I cannot do all of this while updating the comic, so I will be cutting it out of my life until I have the time, money and skill to start it up again.

I’m going to write up a small Q&A section below, so please give it a read! Thanks for submitting such great questions!

What is going to happen to the website and the comic?

The Germination chapter of ORIGINS has come to a close, but the Crazy Sunshine website and all of its comics and features will stay intact.

There’s even going to be an extra three weeks of comics from next week onwards, because I believe you guys deserve it for sticking around this long.

Look forward to them!

After those three pages are updated, I will slowly be changing the site’s layout, and making the comics simply a feature, not the giving them the spotlight.

There will be a splash page with links to the gallery, blog and comics, and the site will focus more on my portfolio and blog rather than comics.

The Crazy Sunshine Wiki will be fully updated up to the end of GERMINATION, and other social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr will change to focus more on my artwork, so please keep them favourited!

What is going to happen to you?

I will still be in Japan, mainly studying and spending time with my friends before I look for a new job and apartment.

Without being nagged to draw comics every day, I will be focusing on drawing and writing outside of the box.

Illustrations, fan art, short stories, and more.

You will be able to see most of my new artwork on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, and some of the better illustrations on this site’s gallery, so don’t go anywhere!

What about the Patreon campaign?

The Patreon page was haphazardly created created for fans to support the comic through monthly donations.

According to Google Analytics, if every reader chipped in $1 a month, then I would be able to support myself and keep making comics.

Sadly, not even 1% of readers donated, and none of the milestones were reached, which means I have to look for an actual job, resulting in this hiatus.

For those readers who did donate, I cannot thank you enough.

However, I will be editing the Patreon page to reflect artwork in general.

If you still want to donate after the change, you will get to see more than just the final pieces, and also get to chat and hang out with me over Skype!

More information on this will be updated on the Patreon page in time.

Thanks to everyone who supported Crazy Sunshine so far, and as I said above, there will still be weekly content released until the end of July to compensate for this month’s payment.

Please look forward to it!

When is the comic coming back?

As I mentioned before, I don’t know! Whenever I have the time, money and artistic skills that I am comfortable and confident with.

Heck, maybe it won’t even be a comic when it comes back! Evolving creativity, yo!

You were such an inspiration, dude. How can I keep in touch with you?

I will try to update fairly frequently on the site with new art and blog entries about my daily life.

But if you have them, there’s also TwitterDeviantArt and Tumblr, so please follow me to keep in the loop! Send me some messages from time to time, too!


A huge thank you to everyone who read and supported Crazy Sunshine from the start until this break!

It’s been a very long and exhausting three years.

Wish me luck, and hopefully see you around!

Dev Blog Update #18

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Time for another Dev Blog update! This one’s a biggie.


Recently I have been churning out page after page of Crazy Sunshine with no buffer, finishing minutes before the upload time most Wednesdays.

It’s gotten to the point where the amount of time I am spending on the comic is starting to affect my health, my personal life, and worst of all, my future!

“But it’s just one page a week!” is what you are probably asking, and yeah, you’re right!

Except that one page takes a long time to make. Let me get straight to the point.

As I mentioned previously, I feel that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with the ORIGINS arc.

It was meant to be a year long, but now it’s going to take a projected three years to finish.

The worst part is, I don’t have three years. I have one.


Within this next year I have to obtain enough Japanese knowledge to get and maintain a job, I also have to find a job, and place to stay.

In 2012 I started Crazy Sunshine in order to develop my art skills and writing.

It was a little project that I did in my spare time when I wasn’t working on other stuff.

There was no story, no complex writing or detailed artwork.

Honestly, it was fun.


Recently, every single page has become a chore.

Something I have to do each week, and I am not enjoying it.

It gets in the way of studying, it gets in the way of hanging out with friends, it gets in the way of any other activities I enjoy.

After three years of non stop drawing the effects are starting to take their toll.

The worst part is I have finally gotten to the best part of the story, the point I really wanted to tell and there’s just nothing there.

I don’t feel a thing.


Maybe I burned myself out over the first three years building up this point, or maybe I just don’t have the skills to express the story like I want to.

I am not happy with most pages I draw, and I feel like I have hit an artistic plateau.

The second worst part is I am not sure how to approach this situation and there are thousands of thoughts circling my head.

  • If I take a hiatus and promise to come back, I will almost definitely break that promise.
  • If I did stop and came back, I would have to rebuild the reader base from scratch and reintroduce everything again to a new crowd.
  • If I never finish this story now, when will I? What will happen to it? Will I never get to tell it?
  • I can’t just go back to writing gag strips because that won’t magically give me time to work on my future.
  • If I say “I’ll update whenever I feel like it”, then I may as well throw the towel in all together.
  • I could make the remaining two chapters shorter. 4 pages long each, and full of narration. Each chapter would simply summarise the remaining events that took place. The only thing I hate about this idea is that I wasted an entire year on the most boring parts of the story and the entire 2013 archive would suck to read through.
  • I could just cut the entire ORIGINS project in half, and work on the final two chapters over a longer period of time, releasing them as downloadable PDFs and not a webcomic in the future.
  • Scrap the entire idea and take down the website, bringing it back in the future once I have enough time to redraw and rewrite everything as I wanted it to be.

The ORIGINS project was never meant to be this long and convoluted.

Every night I lose sleep thinking

Man, it just a simple gag comic, why does it need such a big story, you twat.

I regret ever taking on such a challenge, embarrassed by the amount of irrelevant stuff I have fleshed out, knowing I don’t have time to finish it.

The only incentive I have to keep going are the readers and regular commenters.

If it wasn’t for you guys, I would have stopped weeks ago!

So, that’s all I can think of saying, really.


This is probably my first whiney blog post now that I think about it.



Anyway! Time to buck up! For now, I will round up the latest chapter Germination.

It’s 12 pages long and at the time or writing I have completed up to page 6.

After that, sadly, I don’t know what is going to happen, but I promise I’ll keep you all in the loop!

Thanks for reading!

Dev Blog Update #17

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the goings on of the site!


I’ve signed up to Google Adsense in hopes of chipping away at the cost of hosting Crazy Sunshine.

Most viewers will probably block these ads, but after some calibration they will start displaying things that might interest you!

Stuff like videogames, comics and computer-related stuff if you are into that.

Porn if not, probably.

Give them a click if they look interesting!

They are centered around location, so I can only really monitor what is displayed in Japan at the moment.

If anything weird shows up, let me know!

Tags & archiving

I’ve disabled tags within comics and instead added a new, awesome Comicpress feature that allows you to view comic archives based on more comic-related, specific tags.

You’ll find them underneath each comic.

Currently you can view archives based on:

  • Story arc
  • Location
  • Characters

It took a while to go through all the old comics, so give me a shout if there’s anything or anyone I’ve missed!


A constant growing concern of mine is how long ORIGINS is taking to finish.

The current chapter, Install, is almost over, and there’s four more chapters still to go.

I want to keep these remaining chapters as short as possible because my real life is about to get a heck of a lot busier, so I hope you understand!

I feel like ORIGINS was too big of a project to pull off in the middle of my time here in Japan.

I feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, and wasted my chance at enjoying living in another country.

Personally, I think the entire storyline up until the end of Install is utterly boring and sadly feel like I have completely wasted my time spending every hour of my free time drawing and writing it up.

I am in no way fishing for compliments, but with only half the storyline finished over the course of an entire year, combined with the reduced amount of readers to the site has shot my motivation and left me feeling like I’ve let everyone down, including the characters and world that has taken years of my life to build up!

I’m going to try and keep blasting out whatever I can this year, and once I move back to making gag strips, I fully expect to only have about five readers left.

But that’s okay!

ORIGINS was just one of the many stories I want to tell, and once it’s over, it’s over.

I just hope those of you who did enjoy the ride will stick around!

Thanks for reading!