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The next fantasy!


Being a long time Final Fantasy XI player, I have been anticipating the re-release of Final Fantasy XIV since the alpha test.


Now, a mere 24 hours away, I can finally start my adventure in this new world.

I am making a separate blog for my Eorzean adventures, similar to my FFXI blog, which I sadly won’t be updating anymore!


Speaking of videogames, Rayman Legends comes out on the 30th, with the new Bioshock DLC and Sonic Lost World following shortly after.


So many games, so little time!


Summer should be beginning now, not ending, damnit!

3 thoughts on “The next fantasy!

  1. Wildstar.

    I’m skeptic about FF14 mainly because I just don’t like party play.

    I’m a lone wolf and totally not a recluse.

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