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During this year’s gruelling winter, my old laptop was swept away in a snowstorm.

Four months later I bought a new Alienware M17x R4!

It’s a fairly mid-range model, nothing too flashy.

nvidia GTX card, 16GB RAM and Windows 7 Ultimate, allowing me to have a Japanese keyboard and locale while having an English display language.

What’s weird is that you can’t do this with Windows 8 as they are region locked.

I named her Lilisette, inspired by a certain red-haired Final Fantasy XI protagonist.

My old purple laptop, which survived one heck of a long time before sadly meeting her demise was named Prishe, another FFXI protagonist.

I thought it was only natural to keep this trend going, in hope that this one lasts just as long.


Who knows, maybe my next laptop will be grey and named after this chick.


Thanks for reading! If you also have an Alienware laptop, I’d love to know any pros/cons you have experienced with it so far.


If anyone says they have problems with overheating, then good.

Maybe it’ll help melt the ice around my house during winter!

15 thoughts on “Lilisette

  1. This was already answered but to elaborate electricity is electricity. Basically the whole reason you even need an adapter is because Thomas Edison disagreed with Nikola Tesla (or vise versa). Basically you just need to make sure you know if you’re getting A/C or D/C from your outlet and use the correct adapter accordingly (UK uses D/C).

  2. Overheating. Everything was wonderful for about half a year, then my Alienware just decided to start acting up. It has troubles playing MINECRAFT.

    1. I hear it’s bad, but I won’t be using it for gaming, mainly SAI and Pshop, and I won’t be using it 24/7 😛

  3. nice good laptop in all but i lost all respect i had for alien ware when they were bought out by dell. now razor takes the lead and is substantially better

  4. So far as I know, all you would need for changing locations is an adapter for the charger. I don’t believe that the battery will need to be changed.

    As for the bag, you only need to find one for the screen size of your laptop. Most any 17″ carrying bag will suffice, but it depends on what you want in terms of carrying capacity (accessories and extra gear).

        1. Didn’t think to check about the shipping region before I posted. I forgot where you live (my memory has gone to hell). Sadly, they don’t ship to Japan, but I can do some searching for other vendors that are available in your area. A local brick and mortar store might be a good place to start, though that might be just as pricey as going with the brand name dell carrying bags.

          1. I’ll have a look in town this weekend if I get the time – Alienware is super popular here so there might be something i can buy without shipping. Just wanted a heads up!

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