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Dev Blog Update #15

Here’s what’s been going down on Crazy Sunshine as of late.


  • Part 1 of the ORIGINS story arc is coming to an end! It should be finished up by the end of June, then after a small break, will return with part 2!


  • The Cast page has been updated with two new familiar profiles!
  • Project Wonderful ads have been re-added to the right-hand column. You can bid on grabbing a spot here, they are super cheap right now!
  • Crazy Sunshine is now featured on Comic Rocket! Go give them some love and find other interesting comics, too!
  • The Crazy Symposium forum is growing, with over 40 active members!
  • New ranks have been added to the forum to spice up discussion. Now you can build your own robot!
  • The Crazy Sunshine Facebook page broke 1,400 Likes! Thank you for all your support!

That’s all for now!

Again, huge thanks to all readers, returning and new!

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