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Achieve this!

Recently my internet has been down, so instead of streaming, I’ve been quietly chipping away on some comics and playing my 360.

Check this shit out!

The hardest of these achievements were the challenges and collecting all the online titles.

Luckily, with SFV on the horizon hardly anyone plays this anymore, so a lot of hardcore players had left, leaving me to clean up the mess as Sakura.

I already knew where all the secrets were from playing the Dreamcast version non-stop, but only in Japanese.

I had never played the English version until now, so my timing was really off with all the different speech cues and singing patterns.

Fuckin’ Purge’s Left and Right sound the same in English, it was really annoying.

After some literal grinding, I finally got full JET ratings across all the stages!

Funny thing, that wasn’t even the hardest achievement to get.

I actually had trouble trying to get some of the Graffiti Souls because I had no idea how many I actually had already.

JSR’s replayability really stands the test of time.

Okay, now we’ve reached the big leagues.

All the emblems were fairly easy to obtain on Dreamcast, but much more difficult to get in the Gamecube version due to stricter scoring on the hard stages.

Since each version is technically sold separately on XBLA with the Gamecube’s “Battle” adjustments being DLC, I tried to get as many as I could before buying the expansion, which is eventually needed to get all the achievements.

What a stupid system.

Still, raising Chao was the best part as always!

Lastly, the most difficult and obnoxiously tedious game I have ever played, Sonic ’06.

While there are people who love this game, I am not one of them.

If you are one of them and are upset that I hurt your little feelie weelies or think I never gave this game a chance, just look at the score above.

I gave Sonic ’06 more chances than it deserves.

You have to throw everything you know about playing 3D platformers out of the window and get used to Sonic ’06’s shitty controls if you even want to start playing this game.

Once you have that down and you are fully attuned to how the game barely works, you have to play it, instead of letting it play you.

Getting medals is easy with a guide and by muting the in-game music, as you can hear where some of them are hidden.

But good luck getting S ranks on the hard missions with all those ridiculous loading screens.

If there are two things that Sonic ’06 has taught me, it’s that patience is a virtue,

and Mach Speed sections can eat a dick.

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  1. You rock.

    The only thing i did when my internet was down for a day, i almost completed Gran Turismo 5 :c


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