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Tokyo Design Festa 2013


I’m going to be attending the Tokyo Design Festa this weekend to scope out how much of a challenge it will be to get a booth there next time!

Because working full-time in Japan means I can’t easily attend all the big western comic conventions, I want to start building a reputation in the far east and see where it’ll take me.

It’s like stepping into a whole new world, and I am really excited in seeing where Crazy Sunshine will end up in the future.


If and when the time comes, I would love to get some feedback on some of the merchandise I would like to show off!

If you have any experience of owning your own, personal online store, let me know in the comments below!


If you are in Tokyo this weekend, let’s go grab some over-priced crushed ice and talk about how hot the weather will be!

6 thoughts on “Tokyo Design Festa 2013

  1. I have personally never owned a booth before, but whenever i go to outdoor markets and things i always find myself most attracted to the stuff with A: interesting art/prints, B: awesome stuffed animals (i’m a sucker for those), and C: colorfulness.
    you don’t have to follow that, my ideas never get chosen anyway.

    also, if you need someone to sew dolls or something, i am always available to do that! xD

  2. When it comes to online it depends on what your selling. Clothing primarily t-shirts the easiest thing is have options on sizes. Most fans will buy the stuff but you got to figure out cost to get the stuff made the sales tax and shipping cost depending on where you are at for overall price you want to sell them.

    Convention booths the easiest thing is have people who can cosplay as your characters and have fun with it and get the characters personality down but also be nice.
    Also make your booth look nice and neat.
    Sometimes people will have a look at your stuff or look through your comic before they buy it. So it will be slow sometimes.

    1. Yeah a lot of the people displaying were super nice about taking pictures of their work and loved talking about how they made it. As for merch, I think I need a bigger following if i want to turn a profit on making stuff.

      Japanese conventions are quite different from American ones, especially when it comes to cosplay.

      Also! Fun fact, absolutely no copyrighted materials are allowed passed the entrance gate. The also means no showcasing copyrighted characters or cosplaying as them. I think in America you attract people by drawing lots of characters they like and do quick sketch commissions on the spot, but at design fes, if it isn’t original, you get thrown out. End of story.

      Comiket on the other hand is all about copyrighted material, originals very rarely sell.

  3. Re: Business Cards

    I like using the on-line printer VistaPrint for my business cards. For you, living in Japan, the best URL would probably be as opposed to which I use here in Canada. Pretty low cost, even close to free for some pre-determined designs. Pretty flexible on formats and designs, but watch out for the extra options that can add up quick.

    1. VistaPrint is nice, but asabove watch the extras. I say design what you want on VistaPrint and get a final price. Then just look for a small local printer or ask a couple businesses in the area where they got their cards made and get quotes from them as well then decide.

      1. I already have a business card solution (being in a country where you receive 50+ of them a week, haha), but thanks for the advice!

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