Dev Blog Update #14

Finally I can reveal the second project I have been working on!

Now introducing the Crazy Symposium! Crazy Sunshine’s official forum!*

Registering an account is easy, and you can use this in tandem with each comic’s comment section to discuss the webcomic, the current ORIGIN story arc, or, well, anything!

Keep it clean and have fun!

Thanks for reading!

* Inactive as of 2016

10 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #14”

  1. Two questions… well one suggestion and one question.
    S: Something cool I would like to see is section for discussions about Web Animation in general or series like Bravest Warriors, Tome, and Deadly Space Action.
    Q: What your opinion of Rp threads cause I have this idea of this Rp thread where Rpers are the Citizens of Massive Metropolis after the Rock Candy incident. Like a group of citizen discussing crack pot conspiracies and how rebuild the parts Candy destroy. I’ll make sure no real life political talk will be bought up.

    • S: I will make more subforums if enough people show interest. Right now I feel I have too many forums, and some don’t even have threads in them.

      Q: No RPing. It’s strictly a discussion board.

  2. You need to add a Traditional Gaming section to the Gaming Fora! It’s not all vidya, y’know! Some people still play Board Games, Card Games, and Tabletops!

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