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Dev Blog Update #13

I’d like to take some time to discuss the future of Crazy Sunshine and what kind of developments are going to unfold over the course of the next year through a simple Q&A style Dev Blog post.

Crazy Sunshine: ORIGINS

The big project that I have been working on for the last two months is going to start, simply titled ORIGINS.

Up until now, Crazy Sunshine has been a gag-per-strip webcomic, following the day to day lives of Lacie, Shelbie, Peppermint, Candy, Daifuku and Mochi in an alternate universe similar to our won.

However, there is much more to this universe than what I have shown throughout these simple, comedic strips.

So, I would like the chance to expand and improve both my skills at writing and drawing by introducing character backstories, and how this band of misfits met.


You might be thinking, “What the heck? Storytelling? Over the next year? Fuck that, dropping this garbage!”

Well, before you do, all I ask is that you give me a chance.

There will still be a fair share of comedy throughout the story, and I am going to try my very hardest to get as much content out of each weekly update as I can, without scenes dragging on for weeks or months like a lot of other story-based webcomics.

So, it’ll be rushed?

No, not at all.

I am hoping the week-long wait per strip and comment system will act as a great way to build up hype, while still trying to keep a good pace for readers who read multiple strips in one big chunk.

Whichever category of reader you fall into, I hope you’ll enjoy every page.

Layout & Basis

ORIGINS” will be released in chapters, through the current Crazy Sunshine Chronicles system, with the usual eyecatch pages being used as title cards.

The number of pages per chapter is still unknown, but so far they are quite long (12+) per chapter, and I am hoping to release around 6 or 7 chapters throughout the year or so with some small breaks to recover in between.

The story is focused on how each of the six characters up until this point met each other, a history on their lives prior, a look at the world they live in, and the various races that inhabit it.

There will be loads of new characters and faces, and hopefully, every question that has been asked that I couldn’t answer, will be answered.

Why though?

To put it simply, Crazy Sunshine isn’t just a comic to me anymore. It’s a big ball of constantly evolving creativity, and I want to see how much I can twist, turn, stretch, break, and play with it.

So, what was the point of everything until now?

Honestly, a test!

A test to see if I could meet my own deadlines, create comics and other content that readers would enjoy, and prepare myself for a bunch of stories I always wanted to tell. Who knows, maybe ORIGINS might not be around forever either!

What about the character designs?

The character designs were changed for the very purpose of ORIGINS. The old designs will not be making an appearance, and the story will start with what the characters are currently wearing now.

Aww, but I liked the old designs!


Why not check out some of the fan art or reread over 100+ old strips! They aren’t going anywhere!

Lastly, will there be lots of Shelbie in this?

Sadly, not for a while.

Each chapter isn’t focused on one specific character such as Treasures of Eastern Estuary, and Shelbie’s story is actually quite late in the grand scheme of things.

However, when she does make an appearance, I think you’ll be quite surprised!


Thanks for reading!

26 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #13

  1. Ever since the last arc I’ve been wondering about Pepper and Candy’s encounter because of the image of the two more young selfs in said arc. And as bonus we will have Lacie kicked from the Underworld, and specially, badass Shelbie before her head crash. Now the shit got REALLY real!

    1. Don’t look so much into that image of Candy and Pepper, even I didn’t know how I would orchestrate their original encounter when drawing it, so best to take it with a grain of salt.

  2. Wow, this sounds exciting! Finally, a look into the history of this diverse cast of crazy characters. 😀 I can hardly contain my excitement!

  3. Ho boy, im sure looking forward to “Origins”. It sounds very promising. This cat gives full support. ^^b

  4. (·_·)⇒(★u★) Can’t wait for the story of different misfitted individuals from across the lands come to together and form a family.

    1. I also can’t wait for the sweet theme names you come up with for all these new characters, and what the different areas of the surface are like. God speed soldiers.

      1. I want to at least keep the main characters and their families sweet names (literally? Aha), as for everyone else, who knows.

    1. Sures!

      The project isn’t one big CSC story that lasts 10 or 11 pages like previous story arcs.

      Instead, it’s a collection of Crazy Sunshine Chronicles stories, released back to back, that follow a strict timeline that reintroduces each character from the very start, and how they all met.

      The typical CSC structure won’t change (Title card → ongoing storyline for a few months), but each “Chronicle” will be a “Chapter”, with maybe a week of not updating to allow me to recuperate.

      As I said in another comment reply, some chapters are over 20 pages long – that’s 20 weeks of non stop drawing, every day, for 5 months. Remember, I’m only human!

      Hope this answers your question!

  5. reading this gag-per-week format comic you really get the feeling that this is ready for a little more “serious” tone. (but just a little) I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a while now. you definetly see me there reading this as always.

    1. Yeah, it will be just a little. The characters will still be lovable, and finally there will be a host of new (mostly male) faces!

  6. This announcement pleases me in ways that words cannot sufficiently describe. I am very much looking forward to this!

  7. This is super exciting. I’ve actually been hoping you would do something like this ever since I first discovered Crazy Sunshine. Not that I didn’t enjoy the gag-a-strip format, but your characters have always provoked curiosity.

    1. This does mean the gag-per-strip format will not be coming back for a while (I just finished writing one chapter that is 20 weeks long!), but there is still a ton of comedy scattered throughout the stories to keep everyone reading – I hope!

  8. “Lastly, will there be lots of Shelbie in this?”
    I’m guessing either A) this translate to a lot of people wanting fan service or B) Shelbie’s history is the most asked about out of all the characters.

    Also best of luck in the realm of continuity.

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