Dev Blog Update #12 (Part 2)

Welcome to the new Crazy Sunshine website! Ever since the start of 2013 I have been working incredibly hard every day to redesign and improve the website, characters, and more.

In this blog entry, I’d like to talk about major changes to the cast of characters!


Lacie’s design hasn’t changed much over the years.

That’s because I really like it!

Personally, Lacie needed a much more naughtier vibe, so I decided to spice her clothes up with a little sex appeal.

Lacie’s dress now has an open area at the front revealing a panty and garter belt combo that keeps her traditional striped stockings in place as she sprints away from the police or a certain pink-haired beast.

However, it’s not all about being sexy, this change has deeper connotations too.

I want to work on developing Lacie’s bold and confident side, expanding her ego even more than before, and showing that she doesn’t care about what the world thinks about her.

Lastly, as for main character Shelbie’s one-sided infatuation with Lacie, I feel that Shelbie needs more reasons to be madly in love with with our demonic protagonist, and nothing beats flashing some panties  every now and then, right?



Shelbie was formerly an elite soldier who lost a bunch of memories and brain cells after falling out of the heavenly Perfect Paradise.

I wanted Shelbie’s new design to reflect her past, and remind readers that she wasn’t always a complete idiot.

Now, Shelbie sports a cream-coloured Lumian military uniform with long sleeves, a silky blue leotard, and a streamlined tights/high heels combo. Her hair has been parted to reveal her forehead, and as for her breasts? Well, they’re still pretty darn big.

As Crazy Sunshine’s universe evolved, so did each character’s race.

Personally, Shelbie and Lacie’s outfits were too similar (long dresses with matching zippers), and considering their extreme difference in race, I felt like this visual gap needed to be widened.

Lastly, contrast!

I want to be able to express Shelbie’s inability to do, well, anything purely through her silly facial expressions, body language, and speech.


Candy’s design was changed in the Crazy Sunshine Chronicle Beastruction!

Once the Beastruction story arc was over, I began redesigning the site and the cast of characters.

Since Candy’s design had already changed recently, I didn’t feel the need to improve her.

She is still animal-like in appearance, and her new clothing changes will be explained in a couple of weeks through the comic itself.

Until then, look forward to it!


Ah, Peppermint. The brains of, well, every operation.

A scientific genius and the creative force behind almost every mechanical invention within the comic.

So, why was she wearing nothing but a fluffy pink coat until now?

I decided Peppermint needed to look smarter and have a colour palette which really complimented her hair.

An off-white and teal lab coat should do the trick, right?

Peppermint is still as young and naive as she always was, which really contrasts with her slightly mature clothing.

So I reused her oversized zipper and some nuts and bolt cuff links to give her outfit more of childish feel to it, like a child’s toy or action figure.

Peppermint’s skirt and shoes have also retained their original design, but the colours have been swapped around to give her a much more minty feel.

Additionally, these colours will also be a prominent feature in all of her inventions from now on.

Daifuku & Mochi

Daifuku’s previous outfit was a revealing red and gold china dress, which I have honestly never liked!

I wanted Daifuku’s clothes to be inspired by Japanese culture, and replaced her china dress with a traditional kimono, and tied her hair up in a classic “mochi” style with chopsticks.

To compliment the demonic spirit possessing her belly, warning tape was used to express Mochi’s “lips”, and the pink splotches on Daifuku’s dress along with rice cake-shaped decorations on her kneesocks represent the Japanese confectionery the odd couple were named after.

Like Daifuku’s hair, Mochi’s tongue also changed colour, as did the inside of his mout- I mean, Daifuku’s bell- wait, how does her body work again?

Anyway, it’s a slightly redder, and matches the inside of her kimono’s sleeves.

Hope you enjoy these new changes as much as I did making them! Thanks for reading!

38 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #12 (Part 2)”

  1. Is Shelbie on the cast page from before the Guardian Lumian Anomalous Descent Onto Surface event? She looks a bit too calculating… More evil genius then lovable fool, if you get my drift ;D

  2. Does this man skimp on his readers, who can have high expectations for a webcomic they pay nothing to enjoy? Did he grow complacent, when everything already looked quite good and ran relatively smoothly? Has he ever missed a single comic update, even when he has to update four different social media platforms and reply to hundreds of comments from annoying and picky readers such as myself?

    No. This is why I always check back on Crazy Sunshine; even if I’m bogged down with assignments or stuck with snail-speed internet during a holiday.

    Jkun, this is amazing work. I was stunned when I saw it last Tuesday with the aforementioned internet, and even now, I’m still impressed. Not just because of the art, actually – but because you’re constantly looking to do better, and because you always put the effort in to create something that’s really, really high quality.

    I’ve seen the characters, formed opinions about the direction you’ve gone with them; but you know what? It doesn’t have a place here right now. I want to keep this short and sweet:

    You’re awesome. Please keep it up.

    • And apologies if this a bit late (after all, we’re on the verge of another update).

      I didn’t quite know how to describe my thoughts on this massive update at the time, so I let it stew in the back of my mind for a week.

      • Hey!

        Thanks a ton for your support and comment as always. Feel free to really pick at it once you have good internet (after all, everyone else has!)

        I just finished up this next strip tonight, and will give it one more check before I upload after some sleep. Hopefully from now it’ll keep getting better, even if it means no more sleep!

        See you tomorrow, maybe!

    • It’s inevitable considering the characters are taller and bigger, but I doubt I will be using them within the next year.

      Maybe summer/winter uniforms – Candy’s especially needs a redesign for her new tail etc.

  3. Except that blue lipstick of Shelbie, i like it! But that one a little strange for me… Daifuku’s new style is awesome, Lacie is improved, but still classic ( very few people can find the golden mean ), Peppermint improved to a high-quality genius ( this coat more practical in the labor ), and Candy… Well, she was cool before the Beastruction too, but now a complete badass girl. That new clothing like a royal cloak!

  4. Poor Candy. Always being pecked picked on by that blue bird. But anyway, my 0.02 USD equivalent:

    Lacie: Definitely approve of the design change. While her previous dress wasn’t conservative, it also wasn’t showy and I could never pick up if Lacie was modest or not. Also noticed you lowered the top just slightly to allow more cleavage and show off Lacie’s top better than her old dress did.

    Shelbie: Like the design but will miss the zipper. Also finally some A to go with all the T that’s constantly showcased. I question the practicality of platform shoes but I guess if you’re a race that can fly, falling isn’t really a concern. I see you decided to keep Shelbie’s bust but with the new outfit it’s easier to “contain” and direct without having to worry about it spilling out. Also I think the comments about Shelbie looking older in that uniform is due to it not being a dress. What Shelbie was wearing before looked like something a little girl would also wear. That together with her pigtails and persona it would be easy to imagine her as more child-like than as an adult.

    Candy: I don’t have a lot to say mainly because she changed more in form than in clothes. The open coat looks nice but I get the impression it conflicts somewhat with her “modest” style of wearing just the bare minimum of what’s required. The opera gloves now in hindsight appearing to be her coping with her lack of arm fur rather than being just stylish accessories. But I guess that remains to be determined as we see more of the “true” Candy.

    Peppermint: I have one major beef with this design. Peppers, age 9, looks like she has hips. Granted it looked like she was kinda getting hips as the art has evolved but it was never certain thanks to her dress’s design. With this form-fitting lab coat it looks very much like she has hips. An easy remedy would be just to have the “bell” of the coat expand out further to make it obvious Peppermint’s figure isn’t filling it out entirely and that the coat is probably starched into a shape only suggesting hips. Otherwise looks very nice.

    Daifuku/Mochi: The new design isn’t exactly practical for a ninja but then, it seems like Daifuku’s ninja-ing days are over… for now. Still looks nice and I like the keeping of the caution tape design for Mochi’s “lips”. One thing I’d warn about is keeping Mochi’s tongue the same color as parts of the kimono. For something that prehensile you may find yourself needing to create a contrast to distinguish Mochi’s tongue from the kimono. A shade or two darker to keep it pink but distinguish it from the kimono may save you grief in the future.

    • 1) Lacie’s design is just natural progression, I mean, her old dress didn’t even have a zipper track so it made no sense to have a zipper at all.

      2) I agree with the little girl look, but I also had to take off that zipper because of her breasts. it was just too busy down there!

      3) As I said candy’s coat and hairband are gonna feature in a comic soon so there’s a small story behind them, I would never make something “just for looks”, everything is justified.

      4) Totally throwing that out the window, Pepper’s bell shaped dress is purely for aesthetics. A straight coat hides her skirt, and since skirts are easily distinguishable by their triangle-like shape, I made the coat pop out too. I have naked pictures of the cast in the poses above, and I can assure you she has no hips. I’ll confirm it too next time I pop her in a swimsuit. TLDR; It’s to enhance the look of her skirt underneath the coat.

      5) Actually, Daifuku’s kimono is pretty gosh darn great for stashing away weapons (hammer space), especially swords. Think Mary Poppins! As for Mochi’s tongue, don’t worry, I have that covered with the new shading style. I can see it would have been a problem with flat colours, but now that character colours have shades, it will always stand out.

      Thanks again!

  5. I have to come out of my cave and say that I am thoroughly impressed with this update, JKun. I feel that the new character designs exemplify the progression of characterization of the comic’s cast. I mean, the characters beforehand had personality but these new designs give each one a more distinct look. Like how you mentioned that Lacie and Shelbie used to have similar designs with only a few opposites.

    Seeing these new designs has made me increasingly curious about the characters that did not have their own chronicle story yet. Now I am even more curious about the Lumina and Unlit which was probably your intention.

    Good work.

    • Welcome to the surface world!

      Thanks for the comment, and yes, these changes are a prelude to something quite big, specifically retelling each of the main character’s past. You’re just gonna have to keep reading to figure out what happens (…er…happened?) all in due time!

      Thanks again for the compliment!

  6. My only question is the zippers were plot devices. At least for Lacie.And now the zipper runs the length of her front. How would she expect to remove it without baring… well, most of it?

    Also, I think Shelbie’s chest shrank.

      • Of course this comic has a plot. I’d say about 2 acres but it’s hard to tell just how much land is actually connected to Peppermint’s house. 😛

  7. even if most of the designs are actually really neat, i love how pretty Daifuku+Mochi look & how Badass-er Candy got now, the new design of the blog itself kicks ass

    …but i don’t like Shelbie’s new design,that outfit is just too Sci-Fi ,i don’t hate the Sci-Fi cloting in general Peppermint looks even better in that style, but it just doesn’t seem to fit Shelbie’s concept of being an Angel soildier from the holliest heavens. Sorry bro but i just don’t like that outfit (i don’t know maybe replacing those weird tigh decorations with a long-open-dress, more priesty like?); Sorry for sounding that mean :C

    • It’s not being mean, I prefer people being honest, because I will be honest back. 😛

      I think you are mistaking the Lumia for actual angels. You mentioned Priest-like dresses, after all!

      Lumia are relentless warriors that utilize incredibly advanced sci-fi-like technology to dispose of Unlit, like Lacie. They are ancient and have been around well before the Surface was created. This is why Perfect Paradise looks all metallic and futuristic, as does Shelbie’s new clothes.

      The problem is nobody KNOWS that, and won’t fully understand until I get started on chronicling each character’s backstory. Spoilers!

      In short, this design change was needed in order for Shelbie’s backstory and the lore of Crazy Sunshine (I can’t believe I just said a comedic webcomic has a lore) to make sense.

      • thanks for explaining now it makes more sense & sorry for the confusion 😛

        still not liking the outfit that much, but at least im not disliking it for the wrong reasons, still not liking those tigh stripes in her leotard XD

        • How could you not like thigh highs oh my gosh! What’s wrong with you?!

          I think I need to call an ambulance. Or the asylum since you have clearly gone mad. ;D

          • Jkun, I already call the Big o’l Mental Asylum next door about this Crazy crazy person dislike of Thigh highs, aaaaaand… they sent the Ambulance for me instead.(-_-)
            In hindsight I should of call the thigh high rehabilitation institute.(—_—UU)
            On plus side they got free internet and Ice cream.(^_^)

      • Jkun, everything has lore even lore has its own lore. I knew the Lumina weren’t necessarily angle nor the Unlit were necessarily devils.

        The most part this thought hit me, “If a Good Lumina or Bad Unlit die were would the soul go?”

        They wouldn’t just respawn or recantation/Prinny system that would make them immortal, plus the the thought of death meaning total annihilation of both body n’ soul may sound like a good story element.

        Plus the fact said character comes from the dead it would add a total Holyshit WTF how is he/she alive moment in Crazy Sunshine. So making it where Lumina are mistaken for the holy beings and Unlit are mistraken fof the Devilish kin would achieve the same but deeper effect storyloreplot wise. Showing the relationship of the war between Lumina & Unlit, the misunderstanding outlook of Human in Crazy Sunshine.
        Well that’s my whole two Cents about that, night Jkun.

        • Mm, this is a bit complex.

          According to us Humans, there is a belief that souls are separate from bodies, and a belief that if you die you can go to heaven or hell.

          However both Lumia and Unlit are not dead humans. Religion and beliefs within the Surface is something I haven’t even scripted up yet so I can’t really say!

  8. The new looks for the characters are awesome, especially Candy. Her new look just screams “boss”. The new banner is pretty cool too, but I will miss the old one alittle though. Looking forward to other future updates.

    • Thanks! The banner is just a big time saver on my end, because if anything changes in the future I just have to edit the screens instead of spending a week redesigning the whole thing.

      Plus the old one was way too big, over half the screen in size!

        • I would but that would mean uploading different types of logo and slowing stuff down for those on slow connections or having it reload every time.

          Grrlpower has it so each image is separate, but CS’s title banner is just one high quality .png!

          Plus, no time – I haven’t even started next week’s comic because this update destroyed my buffer. Totally stressed out.

  9. Estos diseños de personaje … Son absolutamente jodidamente increíble!
    Tanto es así, que estoy hablando en español. jaja

  10. Stunning new designs! Daifuku looks great <3 and Lacie's as perfect as always, the panty-flash really fits her "i don't give a shit" personality.
    Though i'm gonna have a hard time seeing candy without a cigarette…will she even be able to smoke with those hands??

    • Now that Candy is back in beast form I don’t think she needs cigarettes. She only smoked them to calm her down, now she can let of steam by, well, you know!

      • Oh we all know. But crazy beast-sex aside, pounding the stuffing out of Lacie should work just as… huh, I just realized after the “crazy beast-sex” comment anything I say about hurting Lacie will come off as a double entendre.

        Oh well, I’m sticking with my original remark. 😛

  11. You, sir, are a wizard. You have went from traditional manga details to this! I simply enjoy the new… new… everything! It gives the comic it’s techno futuristic look it needed. I love the new character designs! They make the characters seem more “upgraded” yet with their still famous personalities.

    James Grant, I aware you with a firm handshake and a good luck to you.

    • Man, I dun like being a wizard, I’m more of a fighter type or Dark Knight.

      Thanks though! As I said nothing about their personalities will change, just their clothing and hair, etc. Each character will still be up to the usual tricks week after week.

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