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Dev Blog Update #12 (Part 2)

Welcome to the new Crazy Sunshine website! Ever since the start of 2013 I have been working incredibly hard every day to redesign and improve the website, characters, and more.

In this blog entry, I’d like to talk about major changes to the cast of characters!



Lacie’s design hasn’t changed much over the years.

That’s because I really like it!

Personally, Lacie needed a much more naughtier vibe, so I decided to spice her clothes up with a little sex appeal.

Lacie’s dress now has an open area at the front revealing a panty and garter belt combo that keeps her traditional striped stockings in place as she sprints away from the police or a certain pink-haired beast.

However, it’s not all about being sexy, this change has deeper connotations too.

I want to work on developing Lacie’s bold and confident side, expanding her ego even more than before, and showing that she doesn’t care about what the world thinks about her.

Lastly, as for main character Shelbie’s one-sided infatuation with Lacie, I feel that Shelbie needs more reasons to be madly in love with with our demonic protagonist, and nothing beats flashing some panties  every now and then, right?




Shelbie was formerly an elite soldier who lost a bunch of memories and brain cells after falling out of the heavenly Perfect Paradise.

I wanted Shelbie’s new design to reflect her past, and remind readers that she wasn’t always a complete idiot.

Now, Shelbie sports a cream-coloured Lumian military uniform with long sleeves, a silky blue leotard, and a streamlined tights/high heels combo. Her hair has been parted to reveal her forehead, and as for her breasts? Well, they’re still pretty darn big.

As Crazy Sunshine’s universe evolved, so did each character’s race.

Personally, Shelbie and Lacie’s outfits were too similar (long dresses with matching zippers), and considering their extreme difference in race, I felt like this visual gap needed to be widened.

Lastly, contrast!

I want to be able to express Shelbie’s inability to do, well, anything purely through her silly facial expressions, body language, and speech.



Candy’s design was changed in the Crazy Sunshine Chronicle Beastruction!

Once the Beastruction story arc was over, I began redesigning the site and the cast of characters.

Since Candy’s design had already changed recently, I didn’t feel the need to improve her.

She is still animal-like in appearance, and her new clothing changes will be explained in a couple of weeks through the comic itself.

Until then, look forward to it!



Ah, Peppermint. The brains of, well, every operation.

A scientific genius and the creative force behind almost every mechanical invention within the comic.

So, why was she wearing nothing but a fluffy pink coat until now?

I decided Peppermint needed to look smarter and have a colour palette which really complimented her hair.

An off-white and teal lab coat should do the trick, right?

Peppermint is still as young and naive as she always was, which really contrasts with her slightly mature clothing.

So I reused her oversized zipper and some nuts and bolt cuff links to give her outfit more of childish feel to it, like a child’s toy or action figure.

Peppermint’s skirt and shoes have also retained their original design, but the colours have been swapped around to give her a much more minty feel.

Additionally, these colours will also be a prominent feature in all of her inventions from now on.


Daifuku & Mochi

Daifuku’s previous outfit was a revealing red and gold china dress, which I have honestly never liked!

I wanted Daifuku’s clothes to be inspired by Japanese culture, and replaced her china dress with a traditional kimono, and tied her hair up in a classic “mochi” style with chopsticks.

To compliment the demonic spirit possessing her belly, warning tape was used to express Mochi’s “lips”, and the pink splotches on Daifuku’s dress along with rice cake-shaped decorations on her kneesocks represent the Japanese confectionery the odd couple were named after.

Like Daifuku’s hair, Mochi’s tongue also changed colour, as did the inside of his mout- I mean, Daifuku’s bell- wait, how does her body work again?

Anyway, it’s a slightly redder, and matches the inside of her kimono’s sleeves.


Hope you enjoy these new changes as much as I did making them! Thanks for reading!