Dev Blog Update #12 (Part 1)

Welcome to the new Crazy Sunshine website! Ever since the start of 2013 I have been working incredibly hard every day to redesign and improve the website, characters, and more.

In this blog entry, I’d like to talk about major changes to the website!


The new title banner embeds the previous Crazy Sunshine logo onto a giant, mechanical tower that showcases a main character on each of its panels.

The giant, golden orb in the center represents the sun.

I wanted to create a smaller banner that can be easily customized while still retaining the same “base” image.

This way, I can change what is shown on the machine’s panels, or even add more should new characters appear!


The previous background was a bird’s-eye view of two areas within the Crazy Sunshine universe; Solemn Skip and Massive Metropolis.

Combined with the comic’s transparency in certain panels, this background would appear in the distance.

However, due to the comic’s colour scheme changing every week, sometimes the site’s background would clash with the atmosphere I tried to create.

I would like to use less of this effect, and keep the background unrelated to the comic as I try to improve my colouring skills.

This new background compliments the title banner, keeping the site’s mechanical theme consistent.

Navigation Arrows

The navigation arrows have also been improved, with colours that match the title banner, and unlike the previous set of buttons, detailed shading to make them really stand out.

They now have a depth rollover graphic to give the feel of pushing a physical button, and on the First and Latest pages of the comic, are shown with transparency instead of not showing up at all.

Social media buttons

Redesigning the cast of Crazy Sunshine meant the site’s infamous social media rollovers also needed a change, but are still similar to their predecessors.

Bug fixes & additions

  • Extras page
    • Video links have been removed from the Extras page and put into the new Theater page mentioned above.
    • New fan art has been added.
    • New CS: AGES timeline artwork has been added.
  • Links page
    • Links have been cleaned up and sites that do not link back to Crazy Sunshine have been removed. If you would like your site to be added, please return the favour!
    • New ad designs have been added. If you are an affiliate, you can grab the new ones here!
  • Gallery page
    • The old wardrobe images have been removed and replaced with new ones.
    • Outdated illustrations have been removed.

Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #12 (Part 1)”

  1. I like the improvements a lot! But still, here are some things I think could be done better:

    1) It would be very cool if the header panels changed like the social media images

    2) Shelbie needs to look completely incapable again. She’s not as funny if she looks like she should be able to accomplish things.

    • Thanks for your ideas!

      1) The title banner is one .png, if I made it a rollover it would change all the faces at once. Plus, if everything was “animated”, the social media icons wouldn’t stand out as much.

      2) Shelbie’s design isn’t going to change. Sorry!

  2. Nice improvements! I only missed Daifuku & Mochi from the “Social Media” part… You need find something for this duo! 😉

    • But there isn’t anything else I use :I

      Plus, on a typical 4-panel layout, the social media icons are lined up perfectly. I don’t want to ruin that.

  3. I’m going to miss the “city-scape” in the background for the transparency effects but can understand your reasoning for abandoning it for a more simple and less clashing style. At the very least the dark purple color makes it look like night rather than nothing.

    Two things for the cast page. 1: For Mochi wouldn’t his occupation be parasite or is he THAT much of a sword enthusiast? 2: For Rock Candy is it the soft yet crunchy centers (humans/beings) of buildings or the actual buildings themselves? 😛 Just interested for the ladder.

    Otherwise nothing to complain about and it all looks very nice.

  4. I guess I will have to adapt to the new website. Not that I’ll stop reading.

    I’ll miss the old one, though…

  5. You were right, I was mind blown! Absolutely loving the new site. Everything looks great!

    The whole site is on another level of epic!

    I’m sorta fan-boying at the minute..

    • Do it! Fanboy away! I am slightly concerned about the page load times with the new background but nobody seems to be complaining so far…

      It’s only 5kb bigger than the last one….!

      • Way ahead of you! ;D

        I haven’t really noticed the loading times at all. Might be because I’m still in awe. But, it seems fine to me!

      • I haven’t noticed any changes in load times with high-speed DSL so I can at least report that anyone with a good connection will probably notice no difference at all.

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