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Dev Blog Update #11

Crazy Sunshine is changing!

If you have been following on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, then you might have heard about some of the changes coming to Crazy Sunshine.

Today I’m going to quickly lay out the battle plan for you!


Crazy Sunshine is currently a gag-per-strip series revolving around the lives of five and a half very unique protagonists.

But how did they meet?

What kind of world do they live in?

I want to answer these questions by retelling their history throughout the course of the next year, by taking snippets of each character’s past and creating five or six special Crazy Sunshine Chronicle story arcs, which will be separated by regular gag strips in-between.

Each story arc will feature a mixture of comedy, drama and action so look forward to them!

Character & art update

In the comics and throughout the site, each character will be redesigned from the ground up, with an improved art style.

This means a new title banner, social media rollovers, cast page, and advertisements.

If you are an affiliate of the site, please don’t forget to update your ad banners!

New ones will be on the Links page in the future.


In addition to the above, the site layout will also be slightly changing.

Some changes will include a smaller title banner, a background update, a potential colour scheme change and although already implemented, easier to read text with the help of semi-transparent boxes.

So there we have it!

These changes will be justified and explained in future blog updates and I look forward to your feedback and critique.

Art and website changes will be creeping slowly into place each week from now on.

Thanks to everyone for your support and feedback so far!

19 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #11

  1. Looking forward to the new changes! I trust that it’ll be top-quality stuff, as always.

    You work your butt off to churn out a strip every Wednesday, alongside working your job(s), responding to comments/social media, and pushing out new improvements to the comic itself. I really appreciate all the effort you put into CS.

    Got a question, though – I assume the comic will still update every Wednesday, but can we expect to see a more frequent update schedule in the future? Tim Buckley (artist behind CAD) mentioned that even his three-times-a-week updates weren’t really enough to tell the story he wanted to in a timely manner.

    This six-page arc took over a month to finish, yet I feel like it was so… short. Things happened quickly, and before we knew it, the story is pretty much over. I understand you have a tough choice to make here, though: Continue the endless gag-a-strip comics, or try to go somewhere with a story at the cost of stretching it over a long period of time?

    I’m not asking, or even suggesting that you impose an impossible workload on yourself – just wanted to hear your thoughts on this issue (since I’m pretty sure you’ve already thought it out).

    Please keep up the great work with CS!

    1. Thanks for the compliments!

      To answer your question; no. Nothing about the update schedule will change.

      I have made my reasons for this quite clear in the past and unless something drastic happens there is just not enough time to make more than one comic a week.

      The story arcs are short and to the point for two reasons; I want to be able to tell a story where something interesting happens on every page in order to justify the comic only being updated once a week. This is why you will rarely see one-panel pages, or an update where nobody talks or nothing happens.

      The second reason relates to the gag strips too, in that I want anyone to be able to hit that random button, jump to a random page, and become interested enough to want to read more.

      I personally hate weekly comics that stretch out their stories. I know a few aritists who dedicate a whole week and 4/6 panels to one character opening a door, or looking at a picture and then sighing. I feel that is a total waste or comic space and the reader’s time.

      As you said I put a lot of effort into the comics. I feel this way too, and I rarely get the chance to say it because I am stupidly modest.

      I work too hard on the visual aspect of things because I am aesthetic person. If it doesn’t look good, I don’t want anyone to see it. I just wished more people focused on quality over quantity, especially since Crazy Sunshine is completely free and not plastered with “DONATE” buttons everywhere.

      Lastly, I will be doing both. Gag strips will be fillers between story arcs. If it is a long story arc, it will be split up into 3-4 parts consisting of 6-7 weeks) then a month of weekly gags. This way everyone wins and nothing gets stale.

      I hope you and everyone else can continue enjoy what I make from now on!

    1. Do it! I always love fan art!

      But nothing will be outdated. I am remaking the “AGES” images too to show the evolution of each character, their base design won’t change – just their hear/clothes!

      1. I’m kind of relieved it’ll just be those changes to the characters. I was expected complete change. But then I though that would make the designs longer to draw, which would lead to changes in updates.

        The way I think their ages will be is simple. If the comic was made in 2011 and the change is in 2013, than by that logic, Candy will be 30, Peppermint will be 12 or 11, Lacie and Shelbie would be 22 and Daifuku would be about 20 and Mochi would be as old as dirt.

        P.S. Peppermint’s secret will not be revealed to us in the future in the chronicles ?

        1. No, their ages or personalities aren’t changing, they just look slightly older because my drawing style is evolving and my inspirations are from much more mature sources now.

          The new designs are harder to draw, because I am not used to them, but hopefully that wears off with practice.

          P.S; Wait and see!

  2. From what I seen with the Characters Redesigned you posted on Facebook, I severely impress by how amazing the design were. Now lord Jkun, I shall be waiting in anticipation for what events will unfold for the redesign changes to slowly but, surely appear on the site.

    Startingggggggg…………… Now.

    1. Thanks! Changes will be staggered as I need to take time to make them and the comic in tandem without needing to stop for a breather.

      In any case, the blog will be getting lots of love so keep checking it for changes!

  3. Well seeing how this change will effect how I see the comic, I can list a couple of things that I am going to expect.


    That is all.

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