Dev Blog Update #11

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Crazy Sunshine is changing!

If you have been following on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, then you might have heard about some of the changes coming to Crazy Sunshine.

Today I’m going to quickly lay out the battle plan for you!


Crazy Sunshine is currently a gag-per-strip series revolving around the lives of five and a half very unique protagonists.

But how did they meet?

What kind of world do they live in?

I want to answer these questions by retelling their history throughout the course of the next year, by taking snippets of each character’s past and creating five or six special Crazy Sunshine Chronicle story arcs, which will be separated by regular gag strips in-between.

Each story arc will feature a mixture of comedy, drama and action so look forward to them!

Character & art update

In the comics and throughout the site, each character will be redesigned from the ground up, with an improved art style.

This means a new title banner, social media rollovers, cast page, and advertisements.

If you are an affiliate of the site, please don’t forget to update your ad banners!

New ones will be on the Links page in the future.


In addition to the above, the site layout will also be slightly changing.

Some changes will include a smaller title banner, a background update, a potential colour scheme change and although already implemented, easier to read text with the help of semi-transparent boxes.

So there we have it!

These changes will be justified and explained in future blog updates and I look forward to your feedback and critique.

Art and website changes will be creeping slowly into place each week from now on.

Thanks to everyone for your support and feedback so far!

Dev Blog Update #10

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Despite my previous Dev Blog entry, spam comments are still getting out of hand!

So I wrote some guidelines.

If you can’t follow them I’ll have to keep deleting your comments!

Them’s the rules!

Comment section rules

  • No spam! Don’t be that guy that replies to everyone.
  • No advertising. Have you got a comic you made or an awesome artist you found and really want to tell everyone about it? Great, but don’t do it here!
  • No derailing. Nobody cares what your aunt got you for Christmas when the comic you are commenting on is about little robot girls or city-wrecking demons.
  • Just don’t be a dick. Period.

Thanks for reading!