The next fantasy!

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Being a long time Final Fantasy XI player, I have been anticipating the re-release of Final Fantasy XIV since the alpha test.


Now, a mere 24 hours away, I can finally start my adventure in this new world.

I am making a separate blog for my Eorzean adventures, similar to my FFXI blog, which I sadly won’t be updating anymore!


Speaking of videogames, Rayman Legends comes out on the 30th, with the new Bioshock DLC and Sonic Lost World following shortly after.


So many games, so little time!


Summer should be beginning now, not ending, damnit!

Dev Blog Update #16

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To aid in retelling the backstories of each character, and to help flesh out the Crazy Sunshine universe, I have included two new features to the site, check them out below!

The official Crazy Sunshine Wikia

Crazy Sunshine finally has its own Wikia page! *

I am planning to keep this updated personally, but if you are interested in contributing, here are some rules on doing so. Please read them!

Any incorrect information, storyline spoilers or rumors about Candy’s three sizes will be removed!

If you are completely stuck on finding out the facts, feel free to contact me and ask for confirmation.

I can’t wait to see all the things I might have missed!

* Inactive as of 2016

Bug fixes & additions

  • WordPress updated to 3.5.2
  • Various plugin updates
  • Hovering over Menubar items now displays a brief description of each page
  • Livestream server changed from “new” to “original”. The new channel can be found here!
  • Japanese About Page added

Future ideas

Lastly, some things I am considering working on in the future

  • A new World Map redesign
  • Updated comment icons for non-Gravatar readers

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

Achieve this!

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Recently my internet has been down, so instead of streaming, I’ve been quietly chipping away on some comics and playing my 360.

Check this shit out!

The hardest of these achievements were the challenges and collecting all the online titles.

Luckily, with SFV on the horizon hardly anyone plays this anymore, so a lot of hardcore players had left, leaving me to clean up the mess as Sakura.

I already knew where all the secrets were from playing the Dreamcast version non-stop, but only in Japanese.

I had never played the English version until now, so my timing was really off with all the different speech cues and singing patterns.

Fuckin’ Purge’s Left and Right sound the same in English, it was really annoying.

After some literal grinding, I finally got full JET ratings across all the stages!

Funny thing, that wasn’t even the hardest achievement to get.

I actually had trouble trying to get some of the Graffiti Souls because I had no idea how many I actually had already.

JSR’s replayability really stands the test of time.

Okay, now we’ve reached the big leagues.

All the emblems were fairly easy to obtain on Dreamcast, but much more difficult to get in the Gamecube version due to stricter scoring on the hard stages.

Since each version is technically sold separately on XBLA with the Gamecube’s “Battle” adjustments being DLC, I tried to get as many as I could before buying the expansion, which is eventually needed to get all the achievements.

What a stupid system.

Still, raising Chao was the best part as always!

Lastly, the most difficult and obnoxiously tedious game I have ever played, Sonic ’06.

While there are people who love this game, I am not one of them.

If you are one of them and are upset that I hurt your little feelie weelies or think I never gave this game a chance, just look at the score above.

I gave Sonic ’06 more chances than it deserves.

You have to throw everything you know about playing 3D platformers out of the window and get used to Sonic ’06’s shitty controls if you even want to start playing this game.

Once you have that down and you are fully attuned to how the game barely works, you have to play it, instead of letting it play you.

Getting medals is easy with a guide and by muting the in-game music, as you can hear where some of them are hidden.

But good luck getting S ranks on the hard missions with all those ridiculous loading screens.

If there are two things that Sonic ’06 has taught me, it’s that patience is a virtue,

and Mach Speed sections can eat a dick.


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During this year’s gruelling winter, my old laptop was swept away in a snowstorm.

Four months later I bought a new Alienware M17x R4!

It’s a fairly mid-range model, nothing too flashy.

nvidia GTX card, 16GB RAM and Windows 7 Ultimate, allowing me to have a Japanese keyboard and locale while having an English display language.

What’s weird is that you can’t do this with Windows 8 as they are region locked.

I named her Lilisette, inspired by a certain red-haired Final Fantasy XI protagonist.

My old purple laptop, which survived one heck of a long time before sadly meeting her demise was named Prishe, another FFXI protagonist.

I thought it was only natural to keep this trend going, in hope that this one lasts just as long.


Who knows, maybe my next laptop will be grey and named after this chick.


Thanks for reading! If you also have an Alienware laptop, I’d love to know any pros/cons you have experienced with it so far.


If anyone says they have problems with overheating, then good.

Maybe it’ll help melt the ice around my house during winter!

Dev Blog Update #15

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Here’s what’s been going down on Crazy Sunshine as of late.


  • Part 1 of the ORIGINS story arc is coming to an end! It should be finished up by the end of June, then after a small break, will return with part 2!


  • The Cast page has been updated with two new familiar profiles!
  • Project Wonderful ads have been re-added to the right-hand column. You can bid on grabbing a spot here, they are super cheap right now!
  • Crazy Sunshine is now featured on Comic Rocket! Go give them some love and find other interesting comics, too!
  • The Crazy Symposium forum is growing, with over 40 active members!
  • New ranks have been added to the forum to spice up discussion. Now you can build your own robot!
  • The Crazy Sunshine Facebook page broke 1,400 Likes! Thank you for all your support!

That’s all for now!

Again, huge thanks to all readers, returning and new!

Tokyo Design Festa 2013

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I’m going to be attending the Tokyo Design Festa this weekend to scope out how much of a challenge it will be to get a booth there next time!

Because working full-time in Japan means I can’t easily attend all the big western comic conventions, I want to start building a reputation in the far east and see where it’ll take me.

It’s like stepping into a whole new world, and I am really excited in seeing where Crazy Sunshine will end up in the future.


If and when the time comes, I would love to get some feedback on some of the merchandise I would like to show off!

If you have any experience of owning your own, personal online store, let me know in the comments below!


If you are in Tokyo this weekend, let’s go grab some over-priced crushed ice and talk about how hot the weather will be!

Dev Blog Update #14

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Finally I can reveal the second project I have been working on!

Now introducing the Crazy Symposium! Crazy Sunshine’s official forum! *

Registering an account is easy, and you can use this in tandem with each comic’s comment section to discuss the webcomic, the current ORIGIN story arc, or, well, anything!

Keep it clean and have fun!

Thanks for reading!

* Inactive as of 2016

Dev Blog Update #13

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I’d like to take some time to discuss the future of Crazy Sunshine and what kind of developments are going to unfold over the course of the next year through a simple Q&A style Dev Blog post.

Crazy Sunshine: ORIGINS

The big project that I have been working on for the last two months is going to start, simply titled ORIGINS.

Up until now, Crazy Sunshine has been a gag-per-strip webcomic, following the day to day lives of Lacie, Shelbie, Peppermint, Candy, Daifuku and Mochi in an alternate universe similar to our won.

However, there is much more to this universe than what I have shown throughout these simple, comedic strips.

So, I would like the chance to expand and improve both my skills at writing and drawing by introducing character backstories, and how this band of misfits met.


You might be thinking, “What the heck? Storytelling? Over the next year? Fuck that, dropping this garbage!”

Well, before you do, all I ask is that you give me a chance.

There will still be a fair share of comedy throughout the story, and I am going to try my very hardest to get as much content out of each weekly update as I can, without scenes dragging on for weeks or months like a lot of other story-based webcomics.

So, it’ll be rushed?

No, not at all.

I am hoping the week-long wait per strip and comment system will act as a great way to build up hype, while still trying to keep a good pace for readers who read multiple strips in one big chunk.

Whichever category of reader you fall into, I hope you’ll enjoy every page.

Layout & Basis

ORIGINS” will be released in chapters, through the current Crazy Sunshine Chronicles system, with the usual eyecatch pages being used as title cards.

The number of pages per chapter is still unknown, but so far they are quite long (12+) per chapter, and I am hoping to release around 6 or 7 chapters throughout the year or so with some small breaks to recover in between.

The story is focused on how each of the six characters up until this point met each other, a history on their lives prior, a look at the world they live in, and the various races that inhabit it.

There will be loads of new characters and faces, and hopefully, every question that has been asked that I couldn’t answer, will be answered.

Why though?

To put it simply, Crazy Sunshine isn’t just a comic to me anymore. It’s a big ball of constantly evolving creativity, and I want to see how much I can twist, turn, stretch, break, and play with it.

So, what was the point of everything until now?

Honestly, a test!

A test to see if I could meet my own deadlines, create comics and other content that readers would enjoy, and prepare myself for a bunch of stories I always wanted to tell. Who knows, maybe ORIGINS might not be around forever either!

What about the character designs?

The character designs were changed for the very purpose of ORIGINS. The old designs will not be making an appearance, and the story will start with what the characters are currently wearing now.

Aww, but I liked the old designs!


Why not check out some of the fan art or reread over 100+ old strips! They aren’t going anywhere!

Lastly, will there be lots of Shelbie in this?

Sadly, not for a while.

Each chapter isn’t focused on one specific character such as Treasures of Eastern Estuary, and Shelbie’s story is actually quite late in the grand scheme of things.

However, when she does make an appearance, I think you’ll be quite surprised!


Thanks for reading!

Dev Blog Update #12 (Part 2)

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Welcome to the new Crazy Sunshine website!

I love watching art evolve.

Ever since the start of 2013 I have been working incredibly hard every day to redesign and improve the website, characters, and more.

In this blog entry, I’d like to talk about major changes to the cast of characters!


Lacie’s design hasn’t changed much over the years.

That’s because I really like it!

Personally, Lacie needed a much more naughtier vibe, so I decided to spice her clothes up with a little sex appeal.

Lacie’s dress now has an open area at the front revealing a panty and garter belt combo that keeps her traditional striped stockings in place as she sprints away from the police or a certain pink-haired beast.

However, it’s not all about being sexy, this change has deeper connotations too.

I want to work on developing Lacie’s bold and confident side, expanding her ego even more than before, and showing that she doesn’t care about what the world thinks about her.

Lastly, as for main character Shelbie’s one-sided infatuation with Lacie, I feel that Shelbie needs more reasons to be madly in love with with our demonic protagonist, and nothing beats flashing some panties  every now and then, right?



Shelbie was formerly an elite soldier who lost a bunch of memories and brain cells after falling out of the heavenly Perfect Paradise.

I wanted Shelbie’s new design to reflect her past, and remind readers that she wasn’t always a complete idiot.

Now, Shelbie sports a cream-coloured Lumian military uniform with long sleeves, a silky blue leotard, and a streamlined tights/high heels combo. Her hair has been parted to reveal her forehead, and as for her breasts? Well, they’re still pretty darn big.

As Crazy Sunshine’s universe evolved, so did each character’s race.

Personally, Shelbie and Lacie’s outfits were too similar (long dresses with matching zippers), and considering their extreme difference in race, I felt like this visual gap needed to be widened.

Lastly, contrast!

I want to be able to express Shelbie’s inability to do, well, anything purely through her silly facial expressions, body language, and speech.


Candy’s design was changed in the Crazy Sunshine Chronicle Beastruction!

Once the Beastruction story arc was over, I began redesigning the site and the cast of characters.

Since Candy’s design had already changed recently, I didn’t feel the need to improve her.

She is still animal-like in appearance, and her new clothing changes will be explained in a couple of weeks through the comic itself.

Until then, look forward to it!


Ah, Peppermint. The brains of, well, every operation.

A scientific genius and the creative force behind almost every mechanical invention within the comic.

So, why was she wearing nothing but a fluffy pink coat until now?

I decided Peppermint needed to look smarter and have a colour palette which really complimented her hair.

An off-white and teal lab coat should do the trick, right?

Peppermint is still as young and naive as she always was, which really contrasts with her slightly mature clothing.

So I reused her oversized zipper and some nuts and bolt cuff links to give her outfit more of childish feel to it, like a child’s toy or action figure.

Peppermint’s skirt and shoes have also retained their original design, but the colours have been swapped around to give her a much more minty feel.

Additionally, these colours will also be a prominent feature in all of her inventions from now on.

Daifuku & Mochi

Daifuku’s previous outfit was a revealing red and gold china dress, which I have honestly never liked!

I wanted Daifuku’s clothes to be inspired by Japanese culture, and replaced her china dress with a traditional kimono, and tied her hair up in a classic “mochi” style with chopsticks.

To compliment the demonic spirit possessing her belly, warning tape was used to express Mochi’s “lips”, and the pink splotches on Daifuku’s dress along with rice cake-shaped decorations on her kneesocks represent the Japanese confectionery the odd couple were named after.

Like Daifuku’s hair, Mochi’s tongue also changed colour, as did the inside of his mout- I mean, Daifuku’s bell- wait, how does her body work again?

Anyway, it’s a slightly redder, and matches the inside of her kimono’s sleeves.


Hope you enjoy these new changes as much as I did making them!

Thanks for reading!

Dev Blog Update #12 (Part 1)

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Welcome to the new Crazy Sunshine website!


I love watching art evolve.

Ever since the start of 2013 I have been working incredibly hard every day to redesign and improve the website, characters, and more.

In this blog entry, I’d like to talk about major changes to the website!


The new title banner embeds the previous Crazy Sunshine logo onto a giant, mechanical tower that showcases a main character on each of its panels.

The giant, golden orb in the centre represents the sun.

I wanted to create a smaller banner that can be easily customised while still retaining the same “base” image.

This way, I can change what is shown on the machine’s panels, or even add more should new characters appear!


The previous background was a bird’s-eye view of two areas within the Crazy Sunshine universe; Solemn Skip and Massive Metropolis.

Combined with the comic’s transparency in certain panels, this background would appear in the distance.

However, due to the comic’s colour scheme changing every week, sometimes the site’s background would clash with the atmosphere I tried to create.

I would like to use less of this effect, and keep the background unrelated to the comic as I try to improve my colouring skills.

This new background compliments the title banner, keeping the site’s mechanical theme consistent.

Navigation Arrows

The navigation arrows have also been improved, with colours that match the title banner, and unlike the previous set of buttons, detailed shading to make them really stand out.

They now have a depth rollover graphic to give the feel of pushing a physical button, and on the First and Latest pages of the comic, are shown with transparency instead of not showing up at all.

Social media buttons

Redesigning the cast of Crazy Sunshine meant the site’s infamous social media rollovers also needed a change, but are still similar to their predecessors.

Bug fixes & additions

  • Extras page
    • Video links have been removed from the Extras page and put into the new Theatre page mentioned above.
    • New fan art has been added.
    • New CS: AGES timeline artwork has been added.
  • Links page
    • Links have been cleaned up and sites that do not link back to Crazy Sunshine have been removed. If you would like your site to be added, please return the favour!
    • New ad designs have been added. If you are an affiliate, you can grab the new ones here!
  • Gallery page
    • The old wardrobe images have been removed and replaced with new ones.
    • Outdated illustrations have been removed.
  • Cast page
    • The cast page has been updated, naturally! Now with even more character stats!

Thanks for reading!

In part 2 I would like to talk about changes to the cast of characters.

Please give it a read and don’t forget to leave a comment!