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Dev Blog Update #9

I’ve changed some stuff around on the site!


Social media icons

In order for the right hand column, or as I like to call it, “The place where I throw everything”, to look a bit more streamlined and tidy, I decided to remake the social media icons and re-size them to fit neatly alongside a typical 4-panel strip.

They are still animated!

Try hovering over them!

I also removed the Extras icon as it was just causing clutter.

You can still access it from the menu bar underneath the site logo.


Comment issues

I’m thinking of ways to reduce the amount of spam in the comments section. Recently, most comments have no relation to the actual comic itself, and each comic’s comment section is becoming more of a grounds for conversation than actual feedback.

In order to rectify this, I have begun testing out the following:

  • Addition of a Chatango panel to the right of the comments section. Chat your hearts out here!
  • For questions or commission information, I’ve set up my Tumblr account to receive Asks.
  • I am also looking into making some official forums, but only when I have some spare time.

While I love reading comments from any and everyone, anything offensive or rude towards other readers will be instantly deleted.

There have already been complaints about the sheer volume of comments with absolutely no meaning, so please think if what are typing contributes to anything before hitting submit!

Nobody wants to read through 100+ comments of junk before having to type anything.

Even if I am partially to blame for replying to most of them, haha.


Look forward for new ways to exhaust your tongue in the future! Thanks for reading!