Dev Blog Update #9

I’ve changed some stuff around on the site!

Social media icons

In order for the right hand column, or as I like to call it, “The place where I throw everything”, to look a bit more streamlined and tidy, I decided to remake the social media icons and re-size them to fit neatly alongside a typical 4-panel strip.

They are still animated!

Try hovering over them!

I also removed the Extras icon as it was just causing clutter.

You can still access it from the menu bar underneath the site logo.

Comment issues

I’m thinking of ways to reduce the amount of spam in the comments section. Recently, most comments have no relation to the actual comic itself, and each comic’s comment section is becoming more of a grounds for conversation than actual feedback.

In order to rectify this, I have begun testing out the following:

  • Addition of a Chatango panel to the right of the comments section. Chat your hearts out here!
  • For questions or commission information, I’ve set up my Tumblr account to receive Asks.
  • I am also looking into making some official forums, but only when I have some spare time.

While I love reading comments from any and everyone, anything offensive or rude towards other readers will be instantly deleted.

There have already been complaints about the sheer volume of comments with absolutely no meaning, so please think if what are typing contributes to anything before hitting submit!

Nobody wants to read through 100+ comments of junk before having to type anything.

Even if I am partially to blame for replying to most of them, haha.

Look forward for new ways to exhaust your tongue in the future! Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #9”

  1. The one thing that bothers me is that now Daifuku is absent, there wasn’t really a spot for her in the social media lineup on the right side. I do like that they’re more uniform, though.

    I do have an idea, but I’m not sure how it’d pan out so I’ll choose to withhold it because I’m that self-conscious about making suggestions.

    • The way these rollovers work are quite complex. I originally planned to use Daifuku as a roll-over Extras box on the Extras page after readers typed in the code, but that means having to remake the whole page and set the margins to the same width as the right sidebar, 190px wide, which is way too small for a main page.

      Plus there’s already a static link for Extras at the top of the page, there was no need for another.

  2. Hey Jkun, really like what you’ve done with the icons. Even noticed that the animations shift the icon slightly down and leftwards for all of them, nice consistency.

    I saw a slight mistake as I was mousing over, though – Lacie’s second image shows the cake has exploded and covered her face in soot. However, her left eye’s lower eyelid is still spotless. Just wanted to point it out.

    • Hey, glad you like them!

      About her eyelid, that’s intentional. I guessed out of shock, she had her eyes wide open when the cake exploded, so her eyelids shouldn’t be dark, right?

      I also didn’t want the whole image to be too grey and dark as that shade plus the blue from the cake tends to bend in with the background a lot.

      Sorry if it bothers you.

      • Not at all. Though speaking of potential blending (and at the risk of sounding nitpicky), perhaps the grey ‘g+’ is a little hard to see, as it’s the same color as the smoke.

        Though based off your earlier response, I wouldn’t be surprised if that color choice was also intentional.

        I’ll be back regularly to read and comment! I particularly like your art style; the titillating characters are just icing on the cake.

  3. I try to see if this new comment rule really balances out. Well on 1 hand you got 100 or more Comments of readers input, on the other hand some of it was random junk. I did Contribute my input about the Comic of the Week, & Series in General, but most of it was Random Ass Shit and Contribute the Fuckton of Comments. The Site did get Freshly Baked Off The Oven Brand Spanking New Social Media Icons & a New Chat Box, the down side is that I can’t Contribute my thought input to Chatty Sunshine Chat Boxdue inability to of it loading it, and having appearing on my mobile gaming device, & that Sadden me. Everyone that commented was really nice * & felt more like a gathering of distant friends. *(except for those Shit for Brains Stupid Ass randomly pointless Haters). Plus it was definitely better than any youtube Comments page (which usually contains Arguing, Hating, Complaining, Whoring, Spamming, and Shitting) any fucking day of the week.

    So inclusion it Balances out, besides the Can’t Comment on the Chatty Sunshine Chatlog, glad you sort out the comment issue, JKun. P.s. A Fuckton of Apologies for all the long ass Comments I submitted.

    • *Grammar Correction (Due to the inability of it loading, and appearing to be clickable are less than likely due to the Internet Page Loading capabilities of my Mobile Gaming Device. This Fact Saddens me quite a lot actually.)

  4. Love the new Social Media Icons, much more personal than before if you know what I mean.

    Also, I feel I’m to blame as well for the comment having no value. Just look at my posts last year, I’ve stopped writing as many comments as I used to now, since I couldn’t seem to write anything that was decent enough to post.

    Glad to see it’s going well aside from that! 😀

  5. Nice. Since i started reading i have seen some updates that in my opinion keep getting more professional as they occur. not to say this hasn’t been profesional from the beggining, but you understand. nice job sensei.

    • Well the site is expanding pretty quickly, I have to be professional about it! Still doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the ride though!

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