Summer is here!

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It’s summer!

That can only mean one thing!


I am dripping sweat all over my tablet while clutching my chest gasping for air of course!


North Japan is one of the coldest places in the country during winter.

You would think summer would be at least a little forgiving, right?


The problem isn’t really the heat, it’s the humidity.

Even on days with rain and thunderstorms like today, it’s the humidity that will cover you with wet sweats more than the rain itself.


Then there is my personal problem of living in the sticks.

There is no air conditioning anywhere except the supermarket.

Not at home, not at work, heck, even my little Subaru barely kicks out lukewarm air unless you are speeding along the motorway.


What seems to be the problem officer?

We caught you running a red light, sir.

Just trying to beat the heat. Gotta go fast.

Sir, please step out of the vehicle.


There is also the issue of Japan trying to save energy after the Great Touhoku Earthquake last year, meaning the use of fans in my workplace is not allowed.

I mean, really.

It’s been over a year, guys.

Gimmie some air.


It seems from now until September, there is no escaping the heat!