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Crazy Sunshine was taken offline on Sunday.

The network reported a DDOS hacking attempt.


For what purpose though?

I mean, Crazy Sunshine is just a webcomic, haha.

I never realised how popular it was!


Anyway, I’ve contacted my host and backed up the site’s database along with everything else on the FTP.


Whoever was responsible, thanks for reminding me to do so!

Have a good week!

15 thoughts on “DDOS

  1. I’m usually sick of a lot of odd things, due to stress.

    I’m diabetic, type 1, meaning injections four times a day. Unrelated, I’m blind in one eye (It’s a birth defect, honest), and I apparently have Aspergers. It’s one of the things I doubt about myself.

    Also, as far as summoning Candy would go, expect Lacie to stumble upon the hacker and wreck his day somehow anyways.

    1. Yeah one of my best friends was diabetic and going out to dinner with him injecting his stomach was a painful experience. I am quite weak to needles, but he didn’t seem to care. He’s also the coolest guy ever, so don’t worry about all these things, I am sure you are have many good sides too!

      1. The needles are actually not painful at all, because they’re so small. It’s very hard to actually directly hit a nerve even if you’re trying to, so it’ll be like “Oh, did a mosquito get me?”

  2. There’s going to be a troll out there somewhere. As long as you dont show your rage, or shed a tear they’ve lost.

  3. One would hope Candy somehow manifests and beats up whoever hacked you >:(. Get well soon 🙂

  4. I’m not sure I understand what DDOS means, but uncle Google’s gonna solve that in a few minutes. XD

    Also, glad to know you already went through whatever cold it was, mate. Kick it in the teeth, I say! 😉

    On a sidenote, something reminded of you recently, man: I saw a bunch of trailers for Pixar’s new animated movie, Brave, and it blasted my mind: by then, I didn’t know where that accent was from, but I knew I loved it – the accent I used to call “Dwarven English” (hope I’m not being offensive and you understand what I mean). Then I saw that this was the famous Scottish English. And, man, it ROCKS! I wish I could speak like this naturally (my English accent, actually, is a bad mix of British English – since I studied in a British-oriented English school – and American English – because of where I work and, of course, movies and all.) Oh, and probably some “Portenglish” that I can’t notice because I’m not a native speaker. ^^’

    And, aye, tell your girlfriend that a random Brazilian also wished her Happy Birthday, please. XD

    And, man… what a letter… sorry for the Wall of Text. ^^’

    Best wishes, mate! 😀

    1. Oh man i cannot wait to see Brave! It’s got so many good voice actors in it and is in my natural tongue!

      I love walls of text, and I am sure your English is great! Your typing is at least!!

      Thanks again!!

    2. Distributed Denial of Service. To help visualize, imagine a bank where a sudden mob of people rush the tellers. Too many requests coming in at once, denying service to new arrivals.

      A DDoS attack, just like inciting a panicked mob in a bank crowd, can only be used for hacking/bank robbery if it causes more problems/distractions to aid further malicious activities.

  5. 1.J-Kun, Tell your Girlfriend some random American said Happy Birthday.
    2.Was it Retarded Commenter with the Username “Jerk” try hacking the site.
    3. Jkun, hope you get better dude.

    1. 1. I will tell her a very awesome comic fan said it!
      2. I don’t know. He never replied to my comment but it certainly was a hacking *attempt*
      3. Will do! *cough cough*

      1. 1.Awesome! Thank you for the compliment.(:D)
        2.Well who ever attempted to hack this Awesome Webcomic should have their genitals rip off and shove down their throat.

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