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Birthday cake!

Yesterday was my birthday!

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, submitted fan art, or came to the site.


In unrelated news, about a week ago I got a weird ear infection that I thought was just swimmer’s ear.

Even though it was my birthday, after work I sucked it up and went to a scary Japanese clinic to get it checked out.

The doctor was pretty quiet, and obviously since they can’t speak English and thought I couldn’t speak Japanese, they gave me no explanation of what they were going to do to me.

So there I am, pipes up and down my nose and cameras running through my ears, before they finally tell me that my nose is—when translated directly into English—being weird.


Thanks for that.

I’ll remember to book an appointment next time another part of my body gets weird.


Anyway, back to my birthday party. I got a Wii!

Wait, it’s not 2006 anymore?


At least I can finally play Rhythm Heaven and the new Project Zero, though!


Before bed I got one more present.

A homemade, triple layer, strawberry cream cake with chocolate cutouts of—and I quote—

“All that stupid shit you watch on Youtube”.

Fuck me, it’s so hilarious I almost don’t want to eat it.

12 thoughts on “Birthday cake!

  1. :V Best Girl-Friend ever, amirite? Haha, You even got those giant Sonic keychain things.

    Ohh you gots a wii. Get Brawl! 😀
    You’ll love Colours, BlackKnight, maybe not as much and Secret Rings, ugh. You probably know how bad that one is.

  2. Wow! That’s a really awesome load of presents! Girls like that are rare in the world (or is it just here in Brazil?) Treat her very well! And happy birthday one more time Jkun!

    1. I think so too! The medicine isn’t working as well as I hoped. that’s Japanese medicine for ya, weak as heck!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope your luck improves this year.
    Those Phat PSG statues are amazing, I have the Scanty and Kneesocks ones as well and they’re so show accurate it’s scary.

  4. That’s a great girlfriend you got there. Make sure you take good care of her!

    And awesome, Sonic Colors! Addictive fun, I tell you.

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