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Dev Blog Update #5

It’s been an incredibly productive month for Crazy Sunshine, with a ton of positive feedback on the site and a whole bunch of new readers who have joined in on the fun!

So, what’s changed since the last Dev Blog update?


  • The Extras box is fully functional with new content being added all the time! Thanks for supporting the site through Facebook and by voting!
  • More fan art! If you have some spare time and are a fan of the comic, go ahead and email me here: admin [at]!
  • The Links page is now up, and is growing every day! Here you can find banners to use to link back to Crazy Sunshine, or if you own a webcomic and would like it listed, feel free to get in touch!

Bug fixes & additions

  • 404 redirect is now functional.
  • The Staff Roll page has been renamed to Cast in order to fit the Links page in the menubar.
  • Multiple segments of the Cast page have been rewritten.
  • New site banner and updated ad designs.

Future ideas

  • Keyboard navigation for comics when the site is viewed in comic mode.
  • World map section via the About or Cast page, in order to showcase backgrounds and locations of events within the comic.
  • Backstory section via the About or Cast page, in order to quickly recap the basis of the comic for new readers who don’t want to read through the whole Cast page.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome, let me know what you like, what you want to see, or what you think just plain sucks!

Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #5

  1. The links thingy is nice.
    I’ve been thinking on placing some banners of nice comics on my site since some time ago but cause I’m sorta a newbie, never did. I’ll set some banners of the size you recommend here and will be sure of place your’s 😉

    1. Oh that would be lovely, thanks! Glad you found them useful – I used the same sizes as featured on Project Wonderful plus a few other popular sizes.

  2. Something like a forum or chat would be cool. So we don’t spam the comment-section. Cause the other folks here seem to be nice, too.

    Would love to “talk” with you guys ‘n’ girls(?). 😀

    1. I would like to make some sort of community hub like a forum but have no idea on how to set one up, or if that many others are interested in using it. (Having to register for a forum is one of the most boring chores on the internet to me, and I am sure I am not alone!)

      I will look into it though for sure!

      1. Yeah, you’re right! A forum would be a tad much.
        Chat isn’t permanent enough, though. Hmmm…. maybe a shoutbox?

        I think, since this page is set up on Word/ComicPress, there should be a shoutbox-plugin out there somewhere. ^^
        But don’t ask me. I have only touched WordPress once to look how it basically works. Not even set up a website with it, yet. xD

        1. Yeah there should be tons of plugins, the problem is should it be on the homepage, which is already cluttered imo, or in it’s own separate link?

          Denis over at LAWLS has a lovely WordPress forum built up, but I can see it being very hard to get into if you don’t understand how wordpress works.

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