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Dev Blog Update #4

Let’s talk about what is going down with the site!

Extras page access key update

It seems a lot of you are really digging the content within Extras box!

Thanks for signing up to the Facebook page in order to get access!

Since some readers don’t use Facebook, I have posted the access key over at TopWebcomics as an incentive to vote for the comic.

Try it out, it only takes one click and you would be doing the site a huge favour!

It’d be great if you kept voting every day, but it’s up to you!

Extras page unlockable content update

New content will be available through the Extras box every time the Facebook page reaches a milestone.

Currently there is an outstanding 241 participants, with new content being unlocked every 100 likes.

So start recruiting, as something spectacular will happen if that number breaks 1,000!

Art page fixes & dialogue updates

Ever since the old archive of comics were hauled into the Extras box a lot of lingering problems with previous comics are still present.

These include spelling errors in the dialogue, text being too big and inconsistent, and transparent backgrounds being buggy for a few readers.

I am going to run through the archive and fix up as many of these as I can this week.

  • Fixed text & transparency issues.
  • Added sound effects to panels.
  • Added patterns to backgrounds.
  • Recompressed files as smaller .jpgs.
  • Fixed site background gradient issue.

I think it would be neat if the text size and fonts were consistent throughout the comic, even if my art style has changed a lot over the course of half a year.

Hope you enjoy the outcome!

Fan art

I’m still itching for some great Fan art!

If you have the time, enjoy the comic, and want to express your love, please feel free to contribute.

You never know, you might get something in return if I ever find a bucket of time to dip my head into!

Thanks for reading, keep telling me about site issues and other features you’d like to see in the future!

12 thoughts on “Dev Blog Update #4

  1. The comment system is something I need to look at, but it seems none of my other webcomic friends know how to edit the Comicpress settings well enough. I would love a preview button or at least allow more than 5 nested comments, I guess I gotta keep studying!

      1. Oh, good idea!

        Also not THOSE kind of soundeffects! On-hover audio cues would be neato, but would also take too much time. D:

          1. This ^

            When I use any weird feature like animation etc. I try to keep it to a minimum. I don’t want to use full-out animation and force the reader to read at a certain pace, or anything that could distract the reader from the comic itself. 🙁

        1. Thats whats I thought, along with what Hosington said. If this ever became an Iphone comic app it may work but yeah. ^^; whoops.

          @Marcio My brain is constantly doing it. xD

        1. Only Rabid has the disease. You contract it by relying on an Edit button when typing a comment. Poor guy’s gotten used to being able to edit out his farts.

          1. A preview button wouldn’t hurt, though. What with the comment field supporting some (but not all) <html /> tags which are sometimes difficult to get right on the first try.

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